I Can See In Color

- From : Tanuja Potter

I Can See In Color

Tanuja Potter


Have you wondered about why so many people have jobs at World of Potter? Ever wanted to apply for these jobs, but not know what you are going to have to expect? Don't fret! Here you'll get 10 reasons as to why jobs at WoP are amazing! Today, you'll get 10 amazing facts about the Social Media Team!





ONE: You get to write blogs about what most interests and fascinates you. You have an amazing opportunity to write about the Harry Potter universe to our hearts' content

TWO:Depending on what your Blog is about, you can RP like it! (For example, I am also doing a blog about my experiences on travelling! This means that I can RP about how I've travelled to different places for my blog!) Cool isn't it?

THREE: You have an amazing Head and boss! Also known as the awesome Crystella Desurra!

FOUR:The Social Media Team members are also trainig to become some amazing cooks! As our second job, we can RP as cooks in training!

FIVE: Having 2 weeks to write an article! It gives you time to work on more IRL stuff (my grades, eeekk!) and makes you feel more relaxed with deadlines.

SIX: You get to work as a team with amazing people! Kili, Me, Emma and Topaz are very kind and helpful. (Although you'd have to watch out for Kili and myself.. we can get a little bit.. er.. crazy.. at times.)

SEVEN You also get to be called a honorary boysen and have the purplish color in you name.

EIGHT: You also have this amazing person that you get to see everyday at work and talk to. (In case you didn't know, the amazing, awesome and beautiful person is ME!)

NINE:In the SoMe team, we will all work together to create competitions, posts, and find ways to gather new users. This is a great way to introduce WoP to new people!

TEN: All the work we do here at the SoMe team, takes place out in the real world. Therefore it's important to have knowledge of Social Media and have a creative side. Feel free to share new ideas! No matter how crazy they may seem!

Feel like you have a story to tell, supernatural stories to share or a will to let others know about the site? Then this team is the right team for you!


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Tanuja Potter

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Lara Montgomery

Lara Montgomery Meghan, I know this is 19 days late but your such a good writer and we need more people on the social media team so you should definitely send an application!

Crystella Desurra

Crystella Desurra Everyone is welcome to apply to SoMe! Just make sure to give me an owl if we are not actively hiring to give me a heads up about your app :)

Izzy Chang

Izzy Chang Awesome :3 And Meghan, I do not believe so... :3 <3

Meghan Silver

Meghan Silver Is the social media hiring at the moment?

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