Muggle Madness
Ever wonder about the Muggle world? Have a fascination with ekklektrickity and driving? Come take a look at Muggle Madness, where we will attempt to dissect the mysteries of the non-magical people of this world!

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Kilikani Ebbets


Banned user

Banned user Good job, Anakin! I really liked reading this. Can't wait to hear your next one!

Huss Ararg

Huss Ararg So glad that knowledge of muggle culture is being spread. Great piece.

Orsen Abernathy

Orsen Abernathy Brilliant job. We needed something on Muggles :)

Chloe Cavieri

Chloe Cavieri Wonderfully written article! Great job! :)

Brittany Emeris

Brittany Emeris I LOVE IT OMG YES

Banned user

Banned user Oh my god this is AMAZING XD I love it

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