Muggle Madness
Ever wonder about the Muggle world? Have a fascination with ekklektrickity and driving? Come take a look at Muggle Madness, where we will attempt to dissect the mysteries of the non-magical people of this world!

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The Power of Eklek-nevermind.

Hey everyone! Welcome to my first installment of “Muggle Madness”! This week we are going to be talking about this weird thing called electricity which apparently powers many things used by Muggles, such as their homes, their… erm… “devices”, like tech-techino-technology... that’s the word! And other things around their world.

Electricity is a curious substance, not to mention the word is hard to pronounce. Scientifically, it can somehow be conducted through wires and cables and ultimately power things which need it. pENo0Di.gif Lightbulbs, electrical cords, even what’s that word again? Oh, cellular devices, all use this magical thing that the Muggles use. Quite honestly, it’s baffling.

Many of the things that use this curious… thing… also come with what Muggles call a “plug”. What this plugs, I will never quite know. They put this plug, which has two silver tongs on the end, into a hole in the wall, and it makes the thing attached to the plug work! Like a lamp for example. The lightbulb won’t turn on until the plug is securely captured by the wall. Fascinating items, plugs.

More than that though, muggles use electricity for their day-to-day survival. They rely on this thing for their power, their food, making their clothes, and charging those phones which they use to communicate with each other. If I had to guess, I’d say they’d be pretty lost without it.

Electricity is also useful for heating and cooling their houses, as well as the multi-colored lights that change on the road on which the Muggles drive their cars. Driving… also something that is quite a mystery, but is something for another day.

Now, I'm afraid, it's time for me to go... I don't want to risk being late to the Ministry again- Merlin help me.. Thank you all for tuning in to the first installment of Muggle Madness, and keep an eye out for the next part, where I will be discussing........ CLOTHING! *cue dramatic music*
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Kilikani Ebbets


Banned user

Banned user Good job, Anakin! I really liked reading this. Can't wait to hear your next one!

Huss Ararg

Huss Ararg So glad that knowledge of muggle culture is being spread. Great piece.

Emil Medellsson

Emil Medellsson Brilliant job. We needed something on Muggles :)

Chloe Cavieri

Chloe Cavieri Wonderfully written article! Great job! :)

Brittany Black

Brittany Black I LOVE IT OMG YES

Banned user

Banned user Oh my god this is AMAZING XD I love it

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