Date Right!
I decided to interview Crystal Dawson as she had some really great answers and was super nice I would like to thank Crystal for letting me interview her.

- From : Crystella Desurra


Date Right!
Rose Line

Emma: What do you think the most important thing is in a relationship?

Crystal: For me the most important thing in a relationship is how much you love them. It matters on how much you care for them.

Emma: What's some dating advice you could give to someone who needs it?

Crystal: Advice I could give is to not buff up and copy other people. Sometimes looks decieve others. A girl might see a handsome boy but the boy might not like her back. A person will like you more if you don't pretend.




Emma: What are some activities that you find fun to do with the person your dating?

Crystal: Some activities a couple could do while dating is talking to each other and getting to know each other. Or talk about your interests.

Emma: What's your idea of a good date?

Crystal:My idea on a good date is a stroll in the garden or in a restaurant where you could be alone :3




Emma: For people struggling to ask someone out or struggling to tell if their crush likes them back or not what would you say?

Crystal: I would tell them that it would be okay. Don't get nervous. I had experience with that once. And when i told him i like him back, we were together. But if he or she abandons the person that confessed, its okay. Don't get sad.

Emma: Are there certain tell-signs that someone could use to help them figure out whether or not their crush does like them back?

Crystal: A certain sign they could use is to ask them who is their crush. If he or she doesn't say, there is a possibilty it could be the person who asked.

Emma: What do you think is the best thing to eat on a first date?

Crystal: The best thing to eat on a first date would be ice cream! Imagine how sweet would that be! sometimes even love is based on food :3




Emma: Have you ever had trouble in a relationship and if so how did you handle it?

Crystal: I never had trouble with a relationship. But if someone is, i would recommend them that to never abandon them. A relationship was not made to be broken.

Emma: What's your least favorite thing about being in a relationship?

Crystal: The least favorite thing I would hate in a relationship is when they would abandon. Why would they get in a relationship when they are going to break it in the future?

Emma: What's the best thing about being in a relationship?

Crystal: The best thing in a relationship is having each other side by side. You have someone to trust, rely on, and care about.




Emma: What do you look for in a person to date?

Crystal: What i look in a person to date for is someone who understands people even though they do not understand them. Another thing is that they should be humble. i don't like boys who brag. And someone who i can trust and rely on.



Thank you all for following my blog and being an active part of it, as getting offered another position I am stepping down from the SoMe Team but I'm very thankful for all of you who have read and commented on my blogs, I'm also very thankful to Crystella for always being a great leader and understand. It was an amazing time on the team and I encourage people to apply for this time as it's a great team.




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Jasper Wolf This is very cute! Perhaps I can use this in the future.

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hazel pye this was super cute!! <3

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Symphony WDW Nice one Crys Crys! :D

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Zosime Allen Very cutesie and romantic...curious thing romance is *sports a thinking face*

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