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In this blog, I review muggle objects, but today I'm reviewing a muggle holiday!

- From : Lara Montgomery

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Boo! It’s October and you know what that means HALLOWEEN!!! Your girl is dressing up as Wednesday Addams. She was from a muggle movie and tv show called the Addams Family. Anyway speaking of muggles and Halloween, what’s Halloween like for muggles?

Lara Montgomery




Muggle Halloween is awesome! You go block to block knocking on people's doors and getting candy, awesome. Kids wear all sorts of costumes, some got at the store, other homemade. But getting back to the candy, kids used to use little pumpkin baskets or little Halloween tote bags but at some point kids got smart, they started using pillowcases. Pillowcases can hold a lot of candy, those tote bags and baskets can’t hold that much. Kids could now get way more candy without running out of room for any more to their parent's dismay. But anyway the best muggle candy from all around is snickers, in my opinion. I mean kitcat bars and milky ways are pretty good too. But anything king-sized is good. Kingsize is hard to find, but the houses that have them have lots of it. Sadly a lot of the houses use the one-piece rule. The one-piece rule is where you can only take only one piece of candy, sometimes if I’m feeling edgy I’ll sneak another piece.




Lara Montgomery




But it only gets better from there. One word, Costumes! Dressing up is the best part of Halloween, besides getting candy of course. You can make your costume or get it from a store. You can dress up like a character from a tv show, an animal, or food or even candy! You could even just put a bedsheet over yourself with three holes in it for eyes and a mouth and pretend you're a ghost, Boo! Oh and I almost forgot, Pumpkins! Lots of muggles put pumpkins on their front steps, lots of them are turned into Jack-o-Lanterns. Jack-o-Lanterns are carved pumpkins. Most are scary or goofy faces but muggles who are good at carving pumpkins can make scenes on the pumpkins too! For example, a witch flying across the sky or a black cat, etc. Speaking of black cats some muggles think their Badluck or Goodluck if you see them on Halloween. Some think black cats are even associated with witchcraft!

Lara Montgomery



I hoped you enjoyed this Holloween themed Muggle Mayhem blog today! Here’s a little survey you can take! You can vote for the best Halloween candy,:
See you next time on Muggle Mayhem!


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