The Boysenvine: Vol. I
Welcome, my dear readers, to your one-stop-shop for the latest gossip 'round WoP! This week: Wolves, ducks, meatloaf and tea, oh my!

- From : Arya Cavelli

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Banned user

Banned user oooohhh pop offf

Tulia Ducharme

Tulia Ducharme Fantastic! I 'loaf' this!

Maryam Havich

Maryam Havich THIS IS AMAZING omg! great job, arya! and yes, please save Maryam the duck T^T

Banhi Patil

Banhi Patil I love this Arya! I can’t wait to read more!

Teagan Dahlia

Teagan Dahlia Yay! Finally the blog has been revealed and I absolutely love it! Great work!

Ava Nguyen

Ava Nguyen I love this <3

Alexia Kelly


Achinthya Sriman

Achinthya Sriman Wow. I LOVE this, and I loaf you. Great job Arya! Now I get the coding sprees, this is absolutely wonderful!!

Maxi Olympotens

Maxi Olympotens *puffs chest with pride* Yes, I was very brave, revealing a tricker --- This is amazing Arya :o the code is absolutely beautiful

Autumn Reubens

Autumn Reubens well that was worth the coding stresses! check out the gossip vine. keep up the good work, Miss Arya! xxx

Evangeline Whitehall

Evangeline Whitehall This was absolutely lovely and beautiful. Excellent job sweetheart!!

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