Manager Showdown
WoP has lots of great managers but which one is your favorite?

- From : Mykal Stonewell

Now it is your chance to vote for you favorite manager!

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The choices are Deanna Cherry, Kaion Nil, Adelaide Scott, and Mykal Stonewell. You have 3 days to vote, so start voting TODAY!

The winner of this will get a special prize from SoMe. May the best manager win! 

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Melissa Malfoy

Melissa Malfoy Deanna

Iris Ellwood

Iris Ellwood #TeamMykal

Alistair Harkness

Alistair Harkness Deanna! <3 honorary Puff

Anastasia Schild

Anastasia Schild Deanna

Crispin James

Crispin James Deanna all the way

Aspen Elysium

Aspen Elysium Kaion! come on guys he's awesome <3

Lucifer Wolf

Lucifer Wolf Deanna

Carmelita Pendragon

Carmelita Pendragon Awesome I'll make sure to vote! May the best Manager win!

Lamia Yamazaki

Lamia Yamazaki kaion nill

Annelise Wolfe

Annelise Wolfe Adelaide Scott

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