Spell of the week~
Well, I'm hot blooded, check it and see I got a fever of a hundred and three Come on baby, do you do more than dance?

- From : Anya Venenum


"It's like having fire at your fingertips!"


Welcome readers to the very first post of Spell of The Week!


Incendio. It's a fire. It's a flame. It's a light. Whether you're just a pyromaniac or someone who needs to cook without power, this spell is quite handy in many shapes and forms! Incendio or the Fire-Making Spell is taught to Hogwart's students during their first year so they might deal with the deadly Devil's Snare! But don't worry, cause it's not just for that, they also review it for their fifth year O.W.L's! 


The name Incendio itself also means to set fire to - according to several muggle languages. Just be sure you don't set yourself, something you care about or another person on fire with this wonderfully warm spell! As a matter of fact, every witch and wizard (except for children under 11 and a few first years) probably know this spell, so watch out and make sure you're prepared to defend yourself! Thanks for reading folks, and for now, remember to protect yourselves out there!


~Mattius Sanchez

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Susan Sarah

Susan Sarah This girl is on

Sharidain Darcy

Sharidain Darcy Come on baby, do you do more than dance? Maybe you will see sometime ;) *smirks*

Aspen Elysium

Aspen Elysium Amazing Job! Nice musical reference :P

Mattius Sanchez

Mattius Sanchez ^w^ Thanks guys.

Aske Stark

Aske Stark Amazing work!

Anya Venenum

Anya Venenum Amazing job and give him a hand it was his first blog and the last one I worked on solo <3

Emanual Lynly

Emanual Lynly Awesome work, Mattius!!

Lexa Rosewood

Lexa Rosewood Great article

Pheonix Blaze

Pheonix Blaze nice article :)

John Reese

John Reese good article

Calla Nightshade

Calla Nightshade Oh Matt!! Great article <3 <3 Imma miss you being a smurfy smurf tho <3

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