Take A Trip With Me : Volume 1: Episode 2
Let's just say, you are in need of new foods that you never heard of or clothing ideas for the upcoming season. Well I got you covered. This is the first edition of Take A Trip With Me

- From : Molly Edwards

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Bianca Eloise

Bianca Eloise Oooh, this is so interesting, didn't know about some of these food options orgins. Love this blog Molly!

Calliope Adder

Calliope Adder Stop making me hungry :0 I loved this blog, as always, fantastic job Molly! Now I really have to catch a flight to all these places...

Gabriel Warner

Gabriel Warner Love this :D

Brooke Starr

Brooke Starr I’m glad that you enjoyed the steak Molly! We should definitely go eat it more often!

Banhi Patil

Banhi Patil I’m so glad I got to share some lovely food with you Molly, this is great!

Vladimir Teppes

Vladimir Teppes Italy hmm. Nice. xD Lovely writig Molly.

Hale Grant

Hale Grant Funny and interesting blog Molly!! Good job!!

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