And the Winners Are....
You know that Facebook Contest we held... You know... the Fan Fiction one? Yeah, the results are out... and the winners are...

- From : Kyla Loran

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Lola Peterson

Lola Peterson congrats!

Oliver Barnes

Oliver Barnes AHHH I'M SO PROUD! Congrats everyone! :D

Caitríona Hayes

Caitríona Hayes Well done you three! These were definitely well deserved ;)

Genevieve Schubert

Genevieve Schubert Woah! I'm so honored! ^^ Thank you~

Morgana Rosenberg

Morgana Rosenberg They were all really amazing work! Congratulations to everyone.

Angela Tremaine-Martin

Angela Tremaine-Martin I’m looking forward to reading them!

Pirro Desmon

Pirro Desmon Congratulations, everyone! I can't wait to read all of them!

Pamona Bones

Pamona Bones Enjoyed reading all of them, congrats to everyone :)

Amber Strome

Amber Strome Great work, ladies!

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