I Sought The Stories: I've Done It Again (!!)
Oh NO! Kilikani has written more vet stories! But it's a whole new year, which means new things for her blog! Read on to find out all about this blog.

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I Sought The Stories



I have been pondering what to write for this weeks blog. I kept choosing between different options and finally arrived at this part. But..

Well, I will admit this once... I wrote ANOTHER vet story!! Augh, I'm so terribly sorrrrrrryyy!! I have failed you all! Just kidding! I have not failed, I hope, but.. yes, I have written another vet story.

With the start of Year 11 on WoP, I have also changed up the syle of my blogs. So, for the next few months, this will be the format and colors of the blog. Yes, it is ocean themed, cuz why not?




Delphi had that orange hair that reflected off the sun and beamed down right into the hearts of everyone. Her eyes, the bright green that filled the summer with vibrant color, and her skin was just that right tone between pale and tan. So what was to hate? Jake asked that question over and over. It just didn’t seem to all fit together, the reasons people gave for not liking her.

Sure, she had braces and she always put cool scrunchies in her hair, and sure, she didn’t talk to anyone, but that just made Jake more intrigued. Maybe it was her name, or the way her backpack always bulged with mysteries.

“What’s in your backpack?” Jake asked one day as he sat in the library. He had been watching videos on his phone when he realized Delphi was sitting across from him at the table. “I’ve always been curious what you keep it that thing.” He smirks. “It’s nothing bad, is it? ‘Cuz that’d be bad and then I’d turn you in.”


Delphi had glanced up from the book she was reading, her eyes piercing into Jake’s. She didn’t say anything as she picked up her book and walked away, the backpack weighing down her shoulders as she walked. Jake sighed in defeat. Maybe it just wasn’t the right time, he told himself. Ask later, when she isn’t reading.


“When is she ever not reading?” He muttered to himself as he walked behind a bookshelf. He had a perfect spot, the best spot, to spy on Delphi. “Now..” He laughed, “Let’s see what she’s hiding, eh?”


He positioned himself as that he was sitting on the ground, while making a peephole through the book to get a side glance at the girl. She had a pencil in one hand, a book layed out in front of her, and her laptop set open off to the side. Nothing out of the ordinary, not at all. Jake knew otherwise.


He pulled out his phone and snapped a few pictures before returning to his spying. Delphi now had the book standing up right. It must be easier to read that way, Jake concluded. His one eyebrow rose as he saw the title of the book. College Course: Veterinary Internal Medicine Volume 2.


“Whaaaaat?” Jake squeaked while quickly pulling up his messages. His fingers couldn't move any faster than he wanted them too. He clicked on his aunt’s messages and typed:


Jake: aunt katy!!


Aunt Katy: Yes?


Jake: i think i found some1 for volunteering


Aunt Katy: I’m listening!


Jake: She’s this really introverted girl who’s reading a college textbook about veterinary internal medicine?


Aunt Katy: Invite her over to the clinic after school




Aunt Katy: You heard me! Invite her over!


Jake: you dont just invite random girls over to your house


Aunt Katy: Bah, not the house, the hospital! ;)


Jake stared down at his phone is disbelief. His own aunt wanted him to invite a girl to come home with him? How insane was she?


“Very insane,” Jake sighed, “let’s get this over with, gosh!”


He walked out of his hiding spot and right over to Delphi. Her head jerked up in one fluid motion. She scrambled to put all of her belongings away but to no avail. Jake frowned to keep a laugh hidden.


“Caught red handed.” He said easily. Delphi sent a murderous glare towards Jake and froze. “So? You’re interested in college textbooks. What are you? Some type of super nerd?”


“Maybe.” She said, leaning back in her chair. “Why would you care? What are you? Some super stalker, super jerk?”


“Probably.” He deadpanned before sitting in the seat across from Delphi. “I’ll be Super Jerk and you be Super Nerd? Superheroes?”


“That would be nice to call you Super Jerk, but the real questions is why you even approached me.” Delphi laughed with a hidden fear behind the joyfulness.


“My Aunt runs the Veterinary Hospital here in town. We were wondering if maybe you would like to volunteer. I’ve only been here for three weeks and Aunt Katy says I need ‘friends’ or whatever around the clinic.” Jake explained. “I don’t consider the students or residents my friends.”


At that point in time, Delphi’s gaze had turned from mischevious to intrigued. Her mind was spinning! Volunteering at the best Animal Hospital in all of western Colorado? It seemed a fantasy and she could barely contain her excitement. Jake had noticed it too.


“So I’ll see you at 3? Meet me in the waiting room.” Jake stood up, smiled at the over excited girl, and walked away. His nerves seemed to wash away as soon as he pulled out his phone and reassured his Aunt about the situation.


Then he raced down the large stairs of the library and unhooked his bike. He stored his phone is his pocket and hopped on his bike. The Colorado air smelled of pure water and mystical flowers, hence that town name, Flower Falls. A cheesy name to foreigners, but just the same, the perfect name for the people.


“Yo, Jake!” A large boy from across the street called. “Where you headin’? It’s only two o’clock man! We headin’ over to da skate park.”


“My Aunt needs me at the hospital.” He called back. “What about tomorrow at three? I can get my wheels all oiled up and looking sharp.”


“Aight! Sounds good to me! See you there!”


Jake waved back at the boy. The boy, who had turned onto his skateboard to skate away, had frizzy dark skin and dark hair and was just a bit over average weight for thirteen year olds. Jake turned his wheel sharply and pedalded alongside main street.


A few boys waved to him or called his name, but Jake simply waved back and kept riding. The next street he turned onto was Rio Street. The street had two lanes on either side which narrowed down to one lane per side, but the charm didn’t run out.


The houses, all of which were not identical, were built in the early 1800’s or early 1900’s. The Flower Falls museum was settled at the end of the road, there were two large mansions and other victorian homes. But what settled in the middle of all those houses was by far the most spectacular. What used to be a large two block park was now the building that stood out from all the others.


Purchased in the 1980’s, Katherine Pool and her team of five highly experienced vets purchased the lot. They spent two years building what would now be known as one of five of the best, most advanced veterinary hospitals in Colorado.


Jake turned onto a driveway which led to a two story victorian home. He parked his bike and ran inside. He didn’t bother to notice Amanda, the babysitter, fussing with his younger sister. He grabbed his backpack and stuffed it with some oreos from the kitchen, hand sanitizer, books, his notebook, and a pair of extra clothes.


“BYE AMANDA!” He yelled.


“Hello to you to Jake!” She called back.


Jake leaped over the wooden fence separating the house from the hospital and slowly walked in the back door. Just another day, Jake smiled. It’s hard to remember my first day coming here...



Thanks for reading this installment of I Sought The Stories! Feel free to Owl me some story prompts!!


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