The Pet Corner: Pygmy Puff
Welcome to another installment of The Pet Corner! In this post, I will be discussing how to take care of one of the cutest pets in the wizarding world,...the Pygmy Puff!

- From : Hannah Windsor

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Hannah Windsor

Hannah Windsor The site doesn't have flies as pygmy puffs food (it was made for toads). Feed your pygmy puffs the universal pet food in the Magical Menagerie.

Tessa Sparks

Tessa Sparks The food part is a lie...I fed one of my puffs flies and she puked on me.

Damon Salvatore

Damon Salvatore Cool!

Rachel Dare

Rachel Dare Pigmypuffs!!!!!!!! Sooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!

Catherine Rose

Catherine Rose I love it I so need one now!!!

Sarina Lovagato

Sarina Lovagato Great article

Eloise Bloom

Eloise Bloom They're too cuuute! ♥♥

Skye Chambers

Skye Chambers I have one =)

John Samson

John Samson They are so adorable!!!!

Morgana Rosenberg

Morgana Rosenberg Oh yes! Pygmy Puffs *fawns*

Kayte Savant


Esteban Mackleroy

Esteban Mackleroy PUFFS PUFFS PUFFIES! Amazingly written Hannah!

Maia Blackburn

Maia Blackburn Aw I love this article! *hearts*

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