a day in the life of - Volume 2
today we get to learn a bit more about our new Arithmancy teacher, Ellotte Vredenburgh!

- From : Lara Montgomery

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Lara Montgomery: So is your favorite subject Arithmancy or do you have a different favorite subject?

Ellotte Vredenburgh: Arithmancy is definitely my favorite subject, and it has been since I started taking it essentially. I find it a lot more interesting than others seem to, and I am absolutely entranced by the systematic approach to the subject.

Lara Montgomery: Did you always want to become a teacher here at Hogwarts?

Ellotte Vredenburgh: Oh, certainly not! I didn't even know what I wanted to do for a living until my sixth year, but of course, my plans have changed recently, and now I'm here!

Lara Montgomery: So how does it feel to be a professor at Hogwarts?

Ellotte Vredenburgh: Being a professor is certainly a challenge, but a welcome one at that. I love every second of it, and interacting with all the students and planning the next lesson is more fun then I'd normally imagine. Sometimes it can get tough, but we professors push through it because we love our jobs so. That little satisfaction from seeing the children enjoy your lessons and start to understand and love the subject is practically pay enough, and is why I teach.

Lara Montgomery: What did you originally want to do when you grew up?

Ellotte Vredenburgh: Originally, I actually wanted to be a Magical Law Enforcement Patrol Officer, believe it or not. After I left Hogwarts, that's what I started studying to become. I planned on eventually going back through studies to become a hit Witch later in my future, but clearly, I never got around to that. I wasn't far into my career when I applied for this position at Hogwarts, and I received it, so now, I'm here.

Lara Montgomery: Who is your favorite teacher here at Hogwarts?

Ellotte Vredenburgh: Well, I don't think me would be an option... not that I'd pick me or anything, and though it's probably slightly biased since I'm a professor here myself, I'd have to say Anand Hinidae. I really admire her teaching style and her classes are effective and fun.

Lara Montgomery: Do you have a least favorite subject?

Ellotte Vredenburgh: Transfiguration. I've always been horrid at it, and so I've never really liked the class. Though I do have an increased appreciation of it now that I'm a professor.

Lara Montgomery: What’s your favorite part of Hogwarts?

Ellotte Vredenburgh: I love the sense of family that's present throughout the school, no matter where you go. It makes the whole experience better, no matter where in the castle you are, you will always feel that sense of warmth and comfort.



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Lara Montgomery

Lara Montgomery Thanks anabel!

Anabel Parker

Anabel Parker Very lovely Lara! I quite enjoyed reading it! Can't wait to read your next one <3

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