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Never get lost in Diagon Ally again.

- From : Anya Venenum

                            Diagon Alley 101

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So… Diagon Alley, or DA. The place where you can buy ‘almost’ anything for your upcoming school year, and when I say almost, I mean that there are some things that you can’t buy, like wormwood, and the stuff for muggle studies, but we’ll discuss that later on...DA.PNG


DA has 4 different parts: Diagon Alley, Knockturn Alley, Full Moon Alley and Shadowstreet.


Diagon Alley: Has both the Newspapers in it. The Daily Prophet and The Quibbler. It also has a Topic tab… So, The Daily Prophet is the more ‘serious’ newspaper, however, The Chief Editor of The Daily Prophet (Being the Salty Leprechaun he is) sometimes decides to do something funky! The Quibbler, is more of a "lighter" newspaper, so be sure to check them out if you want something less serious to read.  if you want to read the news, this is The Place To Be !



Knockturn Alley: Isn’t the brightest place… again, it has a Topic tab, but it also has a very dark and ominous shop… I hope you don’t have to buy anything from there, unless you’re serious about it. If you want to do something in secret, I think The Alley is the best place to go to.


Full Moon Alley: This is where you can buy most of your schoolstuff, most of the shops speak for itself, but The Apothecary is for your potions, stuff you might need for it and such. Madam Malkins is where you can buy your uniform, and Flourish and Blotts is where you get your books… and if you ever want Ice Cream, there’s Florean Fortescue.


Shadow Street: Has The Leaky Cauldron, Weasly Wizards Wheezes, The Owl Emporium, Quality Quidditch Supplies and the Magical Menagerie. The Leaky Cauldron is a topic tab, which mostly consist of more serious topics. Weasly Wizards Wheezes is basically just fun stuff, things to skip class or troll your friends. The Emporium and the Menagerie are for your pets, and fancy stuff to give your pets. The Quality Quidditch Supplies is mostly for Quidditch players, or people who are thinking about it, so be sure to check these shops out whenever for a world of fun!




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Jessalyn Trueblood

Jessalyn Trueblood Thanks for the tips ! It's my second day here.

Jacqueline Granger

Jacqueline Granger Thanks for the tips! it really helps!

Karly Lightwood

Karly Lightwood nice job Ryu :D

Lainey Fitzroy

Lainey Fitzroy This was a really good article.

Rosa Sensimilla

Rosa Sensimilla Oh. Someone changed it. Happy now <3

Ryu Azuki

Ryu Azuki (cwl)

Ryu Azuki

Ryu Azuki Don't even Regret it

Emilia Fawcett

Emilia Fawcett This is wonderful, apart from the comment on The Quibbler. I feel a little offended :')

Emanual Lynly

Emanual Lynly Nice work, very informative, other than, as Rosa said, I feel we were misrepresented a bit! Quirky could have applied better, and I hardly think our work is 'bullshit'!

Rosa Sensimilla

Rosa Sensimilla VERY diasppointed, that the Quibbler is mentioned as a 'funny/bullshit' newspaper! Pff. People don't know, what they're talking about.

Darque Dahlia

Darque Dahlia Salt and Vinegar Pirro~

Pirro Desmon

Pirro Desmon Um, excuse me? EXCUSE ME? I am most definitely salty. Good catch.

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