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in this blog, we get to talk about amazing muggle objects in the eyes of wizards

- From : Lara Montgomery

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Hello everyone, It's your muggle expert here, Lara Montgomery! with the help of Anabel Parker, I was able to come up with this new blog, Muggle mayhem! In the mind of a wizard/witch, muggles can seem a bit strange. But their objects are even stranger. Like the toaster oven for example, basically a mini oven. Or a hairdryer, an object that blows air out of it. Muggles often use it to dry their hair. Today we’ll be talking about fruit blenders.

Lara Montgomery




Fruit blenders are one of the smartest inventions muggles have ever come up with. Instead of having to hand mash fruits until they were blended, you could just use a fruit blender. You don't even have to put fruit in the fruit blender, you could put in chocolate or peanut butter! You could even put in Tuna fish! Question is, why would you ever do that? Anyway, fruit blenders are Amazing!






So how did I come across wonderful fruit blenders? Well, one day I was making my way down a muggle street when I saw something I'd never seen before. Across the street was a smoothie cafe. Of course, I know what smoothies are but I’d never heard of a smoothie cafe! I stepped inside the cafe curiously. I looked to where the workers were making the smoothies and I saw them using a most peculiar object, a fruit blender! I was fascinated by this object immediately. Maybe I’d seen my grandma use this a couple of times before. But now I saw it differently, I saw it from a witch's point of view, not a muggles. That night I ordered myself a fruit blender to try it out! I failed a couple of times which ended up in fruit splattering the walls but finally, I was able to make myself a smoothie!

Lara Montgomery



I hope from this blog now you know all about the wonderful fruit blender! Muggle objects are strange and not always necessary. But I can promise you that the fruit blender is definitely necessary!


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Lara Montgomery lara Montgomery


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Arkaevyn Priscus

Arkaevyn Priscus Where can I get one? Does it come with a manual?

Chloe Cavieri

Chloe Cavieri Great article Lara! It's quite interesting to learn about those Muggle objects :D

Jasper Wolf

Jasper Wolf Fruit blenders! Such fascinating things!

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