From the Kitchen ~ Vol. 5
Being a Canary for an hour? That sounds fun!

- From : Dev Hudson

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Achinthya Sriman

Achinthya Sriman Ahh i missed this smh ;-; But WHAT AN AMAZING BLOG!! I literally LOVED reading this and I am 100% going to be trying out both of those recipes because they seem absolutely delish u.u As for the question, that one is a toughie.. I actually enjoy my grandparent's food tho ehehehe and the rock cakes can't be THAAAAT bad.. If I chip a tooth I suppose a visit to the infirmary is due, but hey, I trip over air, so I visit the Hospital Wing on atleast a biweekly basis xD So my answer would be yes, I'll eat the rock cake. AND the canary creams eheh- Also, as a person with morals and care for fellow people "When life throws rocks at you, think of them as the rock cakes and eat them!" might not be the best advice 0.o Lovely blog though it was amazing ehehe (i just realized this might be too long but ehhh well)

Sharada Sriman

Sharada Sriman AHAHAHA YES! ANOTHER BLOGG! CANARY COOKIES! OML SDFBWRGJH :') I just finished eating lunch... and yepp I'm hungry ajfhwhej I may be obsessed with rock puns, but that’s my pre-rock-ative xD okay you gotta admit, that was funny dafjbjwn and I would never decline food D: so I'd eat Hagrid’s rock cake u.u and yes, I would be a canary if you gift me one xD THIS BLOG WAS AMAZING AS ALWAYS!

Aurora Helga

Aurora Helga Woaaaaah this blog rocks! I have no other rock puns- except for don’t take that statement for granite! Yeah- bye. ANYWAY this was amazinggggg these cookies and creams looks y u m! And I agree with mara, never decline cookies! Ever. o.o canary creams are delicious and and and this blog was SO COOKIE FILLED I LOVE <3 uwu amazing stellar job sir!

Amara Falaguerra

Amara Falaguerra woooaaah Dev! those look amazing- now i want some rock cookies- and i would definitely accept them from Hagrid! you never decline cookies :P

Astrid Lupin

Astrid Lupin can I use this recipe irl :0

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