I Can See In Color- Pumpkin
Have you ever wondered what it is like to be a librarian? What the color means and what they do? This article talks all about the wonders of the librarian world and features quotes from 3 of our very own librarians.

- From : Carina Warner

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Farren Smith

Farren Smith Just submitted my application ^-^

Keara Anaheim

Keara Anaheim AhhhhH, Cari! I love reading this blog and about all of the lovely staff on site~ <3

Ellis Davies

Ellis Davies Amazing job on this Cari~! Ahh, we love our lil' pumpkin beans. They make everything so exciting to read!

Banhi Patil

Banhi Patil Lovely blog Carina!

Tulia Ducharme

Tulia Ducharme And it all happens at midnight!

Violet Stokes

Violet Stokes What would we do without our little pumpkins, they truly are all amazing! Fabulous job on this blog Carina and I can't wait to see what's next!

Francesca Vascoli

Francesca Vascoli Amazing blog Carina! WoP wouldn’t be the same without our lovely librarians u.u

Tasmin Everdeen

Tasmin Everdeen Wow, a really great blog Cari, good job!! It's awesome to see all about Librarians....when's Salmon?! :D

Lexi Bautista

Lexi Bautista I love reading these so much! Perhaps I'm biased but I can't wait for Salmon's turn!

Adair Davis

Adair Davis Amazing work! I loved it! Why don't you do Assistant Teachers next if you haven't?

Banned user

Banned user Great job on the article Carina! Big shout out to the Librarians and all the wonderful work they do filling the library with a wealth of information! Keep it up pumpkins!

Holland Rose

Holland Rose Such a fascinating insight into the lives of the pumpkins! Another amazing blog, Carina- it's really well written, you did an amazing job, and I'm looking forward to the next one!

Elizabeth Lee

Elizabeth Lee Another amazing article carinaa!

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