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Ever had a moment you could not remember?

- From : Mykal Stonewell

  Welcome back readers for Spell of the Week!

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This week we will be talking about a difficult-to-cast spell called the Confundus Charm

If you're looking to confuse your enemy or opponent then this is the right spell for you, given that you're old enough to have learned it and powerful enough to have mastered this marvelous spell! During the confusion of your opponent, please remember to act quickly; especially if you're looking to dodge out of the situation entirely. Now, there are varrying degrees of confusion. You can simply trick the person, or you can confuse them to a point they become a danger to themselves! How handy!

Anyways, thanks for reading folks, and remember to protect yourselves out there!

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Alexia Valentina

Alexia Valentina Great work! That's definitely a useful spell

Rebecca Warren

Rebecca Warren I can't wait to learn this spell! I'm going to use it on my brother!

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