Life As a Student - Volume 5
I decided to interview Jayne Roye this week and she gave some really great answers to the questions I asked and it was very good to be able to speak with her. Thank you Jayne so much for letting me interview you.

- From : Crystella Desurra

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Misty Mcgonagall

Misty Mcgonagall Cool!

Chloe Cavieri

Chloe Cavieri Great article! Luff ya Jayne! <3

Rosie Snowe

Rosie Snowe Great article!

Izzy Chang

Izzy Chang Awesome. Jayne! <3

Pamona Bones

Pamona Bones Great interview you guys! I enjoyed reading this XD

Laura Lovecharm

Laura Lovecharm Lovely article!!

Jayne Roye

Jayne Roye <3

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