Behind The Story

- From : Tanuja Potter

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Izzy Chang

Izzy Chang Nowadays...Cait is gonna win... :P

Chloe Cavieri

Chloe Cavieri (I think I said too much...)

Lawley Thunder

Lawley Thunder C'mon caitlin!! GO GRYFFINDOOOOR

Camie Clarkson

Camie Clarkson Omg. I am so bad at this. Ravenclaw all the way!

Camie Clarkson

Camie Clarkson Oops lol Ravenclaw

Camie Clarkson

Camie Clarkson Go Chloe! Ravenclaw all da t

Izzy Chang

Izzy Chang Go Chlo! OMG dis is intense. I sorta want to join this but ehehe :P

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