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This is breaking news coming to you LIVE from Kilikani Ebbets and Tanuja Potter

We have just been informed that Caitlin Alves has challenged Chloe Cavieri to a points contest! Confused? Let us give you some background information!






Kilikani: "How many points are you aiming for towards the end of the year?"

Caitlin: "Well my dear little Lions my goal has always been this year to make the most points that I can. So I haven't really thought about the amount of points I am striving to get. I just been aiming to get tho the next milestone of points and them go to the next. Ofc now my goal is to get more then Chloe and I am only going to be able to if I just keep getting as many points as possible. I'm sorry that I don't have a difinative answer to your question."

Chloe: "So basically last year, I started earning points from the start of the new year. However, this year, I kind of slacked off... 'cause I wanted to chillax ya know. Well until I realized that my current opponent Caitlin started racing off on the points without me, and Gryffindor becoming lead in House Points. Seeing that, I became more determined and decided to jump back to Points Business. Therefore, my goal is always 10,000 points and above, but if Caitlin is zooming so fast on the points, I might as well try getting 20,000 points again. "

Kilikani: "What got you into this bet?"

Caitlin: "The main thing that got me into this bet was my sense of compitition and my like of winning. I think that as I am a good 5000 points above Chloe that I was in a slight advantage (of course this was before I realised I would off site for a few days), but I am not one to back out of a chellenge and I plan to take the cup home for my house this year!!! GO GO GRYFFINDOR!!"

Chloe: "The main thing that got me into this bet was ambition and the liking of winning. Yes that makes me sound like a Slytherin so please just ignore that. Caitlin challenged me and gave me this bet although she's like 4734 points above me (yes I've calculated and everytime I earn a couple more points, she earns the exact many points as I did...), and I accepted it of course cause challenges are always fun. Plus if I lose, I only owe her 300 chocolate frogs. Not much. And now that makes me sound like a Gryffindor... I should stop. Fortunately anyway, knowing that Caitlin is happily and awesomely and generously taking a break, it gives me a ton of advantage to catch up to her. Honestly 10 days gone so let's see... If I earn 474 points per day, I might as well catch up to her once she's back. Who said I wasn't good at math. And I myself, besides being so caught up on beating Caitlin, I am also determined to lead Ravenclaw to the victory of the House Cup. We lost last year, but we won't lose again. GO RAVENCLAW!!!! ϵ( ‘◇’ )϶ "

Tanuja: "Caitlyn, why did you choose to do the bet against Chloe?"

Caitlin: "Well I must admit that as soon as I did it I remembered that I was gonna be away for a period of time and kinda regreted it. But the reason why I challenged her was mainly for the fact that I love a challenge, I also knew that if I had someone that I had to beat it was going to be easier for me to stay focused and keep my eyes on the prize (in this case its 300 chocolate frogs/cards). I choose Chloe for this challenge as I knew Chloe's goal was already to try beat me in points so I decided I wanted something out of it."

Tanuja:"Chloe, do you think you can win the bet? How?"

Chloe: "Yes, I confidently believe I can win this bet. I usually try not to get pride the best of me, so I talk to myself negatively. On one side of my non-existing brain, I tell myself that I'm not the best and I'm not going to win. Then on the other side of my brain, I become more determined after hearing that, as it makes me think that I'll need to prove that statement wrong. And yeah, I'll just keep telling myself to push myself to victory. It takes some determination and patience, but I'll beat Caitlin before the year ends. >:) ` ͜ʖ´"








This blog post has been written by:

kilikani-ebbets Tanuja Potter


kilikani-ebbets Kilikani Ebbets


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Izzy Chang

Izzy Chang Nowadays...Cait is gonna win... :P

Chloe Cavieri

Chloe Cavieri (I think I said too much...)

Lawley Thunder

Lawley Thunder C'mon caitlin!! GO GRYFFINDOOOOR

Camie Clarkson

Camie Clarkson Omg. I am so bad at this. Ravenclaw all the way!

Camie Clarkson

Camie Clarkson Oops lol Ravenclaw

Camie Clarkson

Camie Clarkson Go Chloe! Ravenclaw all da t

Izzy Chang

Izzy Chang Go Chlo! OMG dis is intense. I sorta want to join this but ehehe :P

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