Without Wednesday - Edition 3
I am back with my third edition of Without Wednesday. Yes, I am under a different name. This week, we will be learning what our Minister of Magic can't live without!

- From : Aquila LaPierre

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Mike witcher

Mike witcher Cool!

Mike witcher

Mike witcher Cool!

Mason Surkley

Mason Surkley Eeee! I love this interview xD

Mike witcher

Mike witcher Good job!

Casimir Prewitt

Casimir Prewitt Oh! I nearly forgot I gave this interview! Thank you for seeming much more interesting than I really am, and for being a wonderful interviewer!

Caitríona Hayes

Caitríona Hayes This is lovely Vincent! We now can use this information to take over the Ministry - ahem, get to know our lovely Minister a little better! :D

Orsen Abernathy

Orsen Abernathy Brilliant job! I'll talk to my Curse-Breaking cousin about these 'magical locks'.

Banned user

Banned user Milkshakes xD Loved the post ♡

Tyler Glunt-Black

Tyler Glunt-Black Aww yay Vinnie!!

Crystella Desurra

Crystella Desurra Awesome post, Vincent! "maybe even the pen" XD

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