Without Wednesday - Edition 3
I am back with my third edition of Without Wednesday. Yes, I am under a different name. This week, we will be learning what our Minister of Magic can't live without!

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Im back! This week I think everyone will enjoy this blog. This weeks blog is going to be about the Minister of Magic. I am going to attempt to not keep you guys waiting on some of these blogs. At least not near as long as I have in my past few I have.

The blog questions are the same as they have been. I have not yet thought of anymore but once I do, they will be added when I am interviewing new people for future blogs.

Now, for the interview we have myself and Casimir!

Vincent Edwards: Are there any muggle items you can’t live without?

Casimir Prewitt: I am addicted to these 'pen' things.... The fact that you can use them without having to go back for more ink... Marvelous!

V: Are there any magical items you can’t live without?

C: I mean, my wand, for one thing, I would be basically useless without it. For magical inventions, however, I think magical locks are incredibly important to me to keep wandering hands (and students!) out of my office.

V: Are there any foods you can’t live without?

C: I am a huge fan of milkshakes, little known fact. I also enjoy butterscotch disks, which is a muggle candy, but incredibly delicious.

V: Are there any people you cannot live without?

C: Jezebel Starkweather, I love her to death, and then of course my two daughters, Aneesa and Lexa. they can be a bit of a pain in the neck sometimes, but I don't know what I would do without them

V: If you really had to live without any of these, could you?

C: I think I could do without the sweets, maybe even the pen, but definitely never my family. I'm so lucky to have them already, I never wish to live without them.

I would like to thank Cas for taking time out of his.. pretty busy schedule, especially with trying to keep all those students out of his office, to answer these questions.

Anyways! Here is your blog for the week. A new one will be out as soon as you know it. Hopefully if you are reading this, it actually let me post it!

Yes, I am under a different name than I used to be but blog will still be continued.

If anyone would like to be interviewed for this blog, all I need is an owl or for you to comment.

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Banned user

Banned user Cool!

Banned user

Banned user Cool!

Mason Surkley

Mason Surkley Eeee! I love this interview xD

Banned user

Banned user Good job!

Casimir Prewitt

Casimir Prewitt Oh! I nearly forgot I gave this interview! Thank you for seeming much more interesting than I really am, and for being a wonderful interviewer!

Caitríona Hayes

Caitríona Hayes This is lovely Vincent! We now can use this information to take over the Ministry - ahem, get to know our lovely Minister a little better! :D

Emil Medellsson

Emil Medellsson Brilliant job! I'll talk to my Curse-Breaking cousin about these 'magical locks'.

Severes Black

Severes Black Milkshakes xD Loved the post ♡

Tyler Glunt

Tyler Glunt Aww yay Vinnie!!

Crystella Desurra

Crystella Desurra Awesome post, Vincent! "maybe even the pen" XD

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