Love Right: Second Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day means something different to everyone. Today we get to see some opinions related to it. What are your thoughts on this holiday?

- From : Elaine Bellegarde



Second Valentine's Day

 Although the way the schedule worked out left me not posting this blog in February, I'll make it up to all of you! Welcome to Valentine's Day 2! Err.. Second Valentine's Day! Something like that, you get the gist. Any of you Eagles who read my house article might be a bit tired of my constant ranting on love, both here and in my article-- but trust me! Sometimes it takes a little ball of pink happiness in the form of words that range from eloquently crafted to ones slathered with peanut butter and jelly in an attempt to make a paragraph sandwich to- What was I talking about? Who knows. Maybe one day someone will invent an Elaine decipher and even I'll be able to understand my ramblings!


 Anywho, onto a more coherent and relevant topic: love! Who could've guessed? As much as I'd love to sprint about the school gathering opinions on love and romance and all things sweet and swoon-worthy, I've done that before elsewhere and as have others. Rather, today, I've actually done the exact thing I said I wouldn't now that I think about it. Oh well. This is more about things that will help you in your romantic endeavors! How, you ask? It's simple! All the questions I asked will either give you information on what people like or reassure you about some common doubts! But first, allow me to introduce you to our participants (who have all kindly decided to be named, not anonymous).

Rachel Rage, a Capricorn and first year Gryffindor.
Diana Bellantoni, a Scorpio and also a first year Gryffindor.
Chiara Alberstein, a Pisces and second year Gryffindor.
Cameron Fransda, a Virgo and fourth year Ravenclaw.

"What's your favorite kind of candy or sweet?"

Rachel: "My favorite candy would have to be chocolate frogs."

Diana: "Being European, I adore any and all European chocolate. I love dark chocolate as well as milk chocolate and white chocolate. My favourite is anything Belgian! Belgian chocolate is da best!"

Chiara: "Chocolate, mint chocolate to be exact"

Cameron: "Glitter or snow!! Oh and dog food!"


 Chocolate seems to be a nearly all-around favorite here! While there's so many kinds, I'm certain that those giant hearts of chocolate that come out around Valentine's will have something for everyone! Once I even had a chocolate with a bubble-gum flavored center. If you're unsure of what to get your sweetheart, chocolate is definitely a great pick if they have a sweet tooth!

"Do you have a favorite flower?"

Rachel: "Yes Tulips"

Diana: "Yes. A rose (red is my favourite colour) But when I was younger my favourite was lavender, my grandmother loved that one."

Chiara: "Lily. Oh! and white roses!"

Cameron: "Does sneezewort count? If not I also like lilies"


 While I absolutely did expect roses to be a favorite (which they were), I didn't expect lilies to tie with them! It seems if you don't know your love interest's favorite flower, lilies or roses would be a good choice! Elegant flowers certainly make a statement, after all.

"What would be your favorite thing to receive as a gift?"

Rachel: "That's tricky I just spending time with people is good enough for me"
Diana: "Flowers! Of course! *laughs*"
Chiara: "Hmm Either a bouquet of pretty Lilies, or a box of chocolate"
Cameron: "Glitter or snow!! Or a brand new blue chandelier with crystal dangles, a place inside for me to curl up, and candles that won't set me on fire!"


 Something as simple as flowers looks to do the trick here. If you don't have the galleons to buy flowers and it seems winter has left the flower population dwindling, even snow seems to be an option sometimes! Minus Cameron's extravagant wish of a chandelier, none of these gifts seem difficult to obtain!

"What trait do you most look for in a partner, and what trait do you most look for in a friend?"

Rachel: "In a partner; honesty. In a friend; honesty as well"

Diana: "I look for the same trait in a partner as I would in a friend. These are kindness, respect, intelligence, and love (of course, by love I don't mean the romantic definition, I mean that the person is a caring and loving individual, whether they are a friend or a partner). For me a partner must be considered a friend before you form a romantic bond with them. (I don't know if you know what I mean by that)"

Chiara: "For a partner, I look for someone I bond with, someone that totally gets me. For friends I look for those that are totally fun, and love pranks"

Cameron: "For a partner, fun, support, glitter, food. For a friend, glitter, food, fun, support, craziness."


 While there's plenty more unique traits in the world that people love, here are a few. Do you feel you fall under of any of these? Do you feel that you don't? Regardless, there is someone out there for you who loves every trait of yours: even if it isn't on my beautiful pie charts.

"If someone were to take you on a date, where would you want to go?"

Rachel: "To some place special so we can watch the sunset."

Diana: "Ooh! Well..I'm sort of a romantic so on a date I would enjoy a quiet stroll down a beautiful street with ma man, or a dinner at a romantic restaurant/café. But many couples cannot afford this, so I would say that wherever you can have a private date with your love just do it! Who cares if its on a random bridge somewhere! Even better that offers for a beautiful view!"

Chiara: "I'd want to go somewhere fun, like the circus, or an amusement park"

Cameron: "The Quidditch pitch, or someplace with glitter and pranks and chandeliers I can claim as my hideout."


 Hopefully this has give nyou some new ideas on where to take a date. Sometimes it can be hard to think up new and fun places to take someone, especially if you feel you've been everywhere with them before. Sometimes a classic like sunset watching or restaurant-dining will do, but never be afraid to try something unorthodox either!

 These next few I do not have much to say about. These are reassurances for the nervous folk with shaky hands and unsure voices. People are a lot more willing, a lot more forgiving than the average pessimist would admit to themselves. More often than not, it's more fair to both parties if you're optimistic! Below you will see opinions on a few things that I personally have worried about before. Hopefully, it will be of some solace.


"In your opinion, would you rather receive a gift somebody bought or a gift somebody made?"

Rachel: "Something someone made"

Diana: "To me, either one is a valued gift. Some people may want to gift others something they made due to lack of money to purchase a gift for them instead (or for other reasons), and others may want to purchase a gift for the one they'd like to surprise because they may not think that they are a very good craftsman (or for other reasons). Either way, for me any and all gifts, whether made or purchased hold equal value to me."

Chiara: "A gift someone made, I feel there's more thought into the gift then"

Cameron: "Either or as long as it's glitter, snow, candy, or a chandelier!"


"What matters more, the gift or the thought behind it?"

Rachel: "The thought behind it"

Diana: "The thought behind it. The gift may come out to be rubbish sometimes (really, I have experience wid dat!), but the though that is placed behind the gift for whomever it is that you are preparing it for is what matters. Now imma go look into being a better gifter. Is dat a word? ;)"

Chiara: "The thought behind it, totally"

Cameron: "Well, as long as the gift is glitter, food, quidditch supplies, or a chandelier, it's the gift. If not, then it's the thought because no one gets me gifts often."


"If someone gave you a gift you didn't like but put a lot of thought into it, would you think any differently of them?"

Rachel: "Not at all"

Diana: "No, I'd like them all the same."

Chiara: "No! because they still thought I'd like it, and that's what counts"

Cameron: "I will probably love any gift if it's Quidditch, food, glitter, or a chandelier."


 As much as I love my gorgeous gradient graphs, I'm afraid this edition was special for Valentine's.. Second Valentine's, that is. For opinions on date spots, gifts, common favorites, and the like. To reassure those who need it. I do hope that at some point this will come in handy for some of you. To those who cannot use this, I at least hope you enjoyed reading about the opinions of our lovely volunteers.

 Allow me to keep you for just a moment longer. Second Valentine's day, if you so choose to celebrate with me, is not celebrated with traditional gifts. Rather, you give the gift of your amazing presence to those who are dear to you. Whether they are your partner, your crush, your friends, your family, or even your co-workers, spend this day with those you care about. Show them the appreciation you feel for them, the appreciation you sometimes forget to spread. Share the love today for the moments you're upset or saddened and don't remember to. Remember that you're loved and appreciated, as well. Share the love with yourself. Have a lovely day, everyone.

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Diana Bellantoni

Diana Bellantoni Aww! Thankies Aspen! Mwah Mwah!

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Brooke Coil This is awesome!

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Aspen Elysium First of all... WOW that code is amazing Elaine!! SECONDLY, Diana is a girl of my own heart mwahmwahmwahmwah

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Cameron Fransda I completely embarrassed myself. Did NOT realize it was for this, I thought it was for Eagles' board o-o

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Elizabeth Osborne Great article, Elaine! Cameron though XD

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Gerard Way This article is amazing, also Cameron is a mood. xD

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Diana Bellantoni Elaine, the article is superb! As always!

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