Without Wednesday
I asked some witches and wizards about some things they just couldn't go without. Ready to see what they said?

- From : Aquila LaPierre


Helloooooo! I am back again. Yes, I know. Probably annoying buttt here I am!

I will be interviewing myself for this blog. I know, how can I interview myself. No idea! Haven't thought of it yet. I mean.. I can just ask myself questions so wouldn't that just be considered interviewing myself? Or would I actually have to sit on one side of a table, ask myself a question, move to the other side of the table and answer it. I think that would take a bit too much time but I guess I could always do that if it came to it.

Anyways, I decided I may as well answer my own questions first before I ask anyone else the same questions. The original four questions were

1. Are there any muggle items you can't live without?

2. Are there any magical items you can't live without?

3. Are there any foods you can't live without?

4. If you really had to live without any of these, could you?

But I decided I would add another one. It will be on all the other blogs after this one. This is the new question.

5. Are there any people you cannot live without?

Anyways, time for my own interview!

Alena Clark: Hello!

Alena Clark: Hi.

A: Are there any muggle objects you can't live without?

A: Yes. My books! I need to have those.

A: Are there any magical items you can't live without?

A: I feel that I would never be able to live without my wand and my pet owl.

A: Are there any foods you can't live without?


A: This is a new question that I am adding. Are there any people that you cannot live without?

A: Yes!!! Riker. I could never live without him. Also, NO ONE is allowed to steal him.

A: This is the final question. If you really had to live without any of these, could you.

A: No, probably not. These are the most important things to me so I probably could not survive at all if I did not have them, especially Riker.

For this interview, I totally did the whole table side switch-a-roo! It very much worked. I mean.. the interview is right up there!

Anywhooo! This has been fun. Although I did only interview myself this time, I honestly feel this should be a get to know eachother blog!!!

COMMENT or OWL me if you would like to be on one of these blogs in the future!

Bye again! :)

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Alex Russo

Alex Russo This Seems So Cool ! ! ! You and Riker seem like such an adorable couple !

Aiste Cordial

Aiste Cordial Cool

Mariam Malfoy

Mariam Malfoy i'd love to do one, but i'll bet a Chocolate Frog an ickle first year like me would never get chosen

Banned user

Banned user I want to do one

Frven Dechart

Frven Dechart This is so cute I love it!!

Kerlia Seagan

Kerlia Seagan Stories like these. you really get to know yourself well :-) fun to read ... Loved it Alena!!

Amber Strome

Amber Strome Love this! 3

Banned user

Banned user I would like to do this some time!

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