a day in the life of - Volume 3
today we get to know a little more about our ancient ruins teacher, Jovan Smith!!!

- From : Lara Montgomery

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Lara Montgomery: What made you want to teach at Hogwarts?


Jovan Smith: I've always been a fan of the ancient arts and I wanted to be able to share my knowledge with the next generation.


Lara Montgomery: Did you always know you wanted to teach at Hogwarts?


Jovan Smith: No, I used to play professional quidditch for many years after I graduated. I stopped that after an accident put me in St. Mungo's for a time. I ended up back at Hogwarts as Head of House for the Hufflepuffs. I think it was then that I really began to think about teaching, the kids were wonderful and I learned so much from them, I wanted to give back. I started out as an assistant teacher for Astronomy before getting my current position.


Lara Montgomery: What is your favorite part of Hogwarts?


Jovan Smith: I enjoy the feeling of adventure that the castle seems to hold. So much to learn, always making new discoveries, finding secret locations you never knew of before, every day is an exciting journey.


Lara Montgomery: So how does it feel to be a professor at Hogwarts?


Jovan Smith: It feels great knowing that I am helping the students learn about the amazing history of the ancient arts, keeping the legends alive.


Lara Montgomery: Is Ancient Runes your favorite subject or do you have a different favorite subject?


Jovan Smith: Ancient Runes is definitely my favourite subject, the history and lore is so fascinating. I also really enjoy History of Magic and Magical Legends and Tales.


Lara Montgomery: Do you have a favorite professor?


Jovan Smith: Can I be my own favourite?


Lara Montgomery: Definitely. Do you have a least favorite subject?


Jovan Smith: I don't have a least favourite, but my worst subject would probably be potions and divination. I just dont have the patience for them I guess.


Lara Montgomery: What made you send an application to become the ancient ruins teacher?


Jovan Smith: It was something ive wanted to do ever since I left the Head of House position. I just love sharing my knowledge with others.




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Anabel Parker

Anabel Parker Ah another lovely blog Lara! I enjoyed reading it!

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