Lets see who won BEST Teacher EVER.
You voted now its time to see who has won !

- From : Anya Venenum

        The top 3 winners chosen by the students are. . .

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In 1st place, Phoebe !

We do not know if it her amazing teaching skills, or the fact that she is one HOT Potiond Mistress. But who knows she could have slipped you a love potion !  Either way it works for her keep it up Phoebe ! 


In 2nd place, Arluin ! 

Is it really shocking to see that he has "charmed " his way into the top three ? Or maybe it was his dancing skills. Too bad he needed to pick up his skirt and run a bit faster if he wanted to beat Phoebe !



In 3ed place, Melody !


Did you know that the Transfiguration is very competitve seeing her in the top 3 is not shocking at all. So was it her lessons that put her in the top three ? Or was it her adorable ship with Mr. Adler ? Who knows all we do know is that she can buld a pillow fort like a pro ! 




SoMe would like to thank all the people that voted, as well as all the teachers that jumped in on the fun. Pirzes for your placing will be given out soon !

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Indigo Kaif

Indigo Kaif i voted for her too.

John Reese

John Reese I voted for Phoebe im glad she got first WHOOOOO . GO PHOEBE

Dayel Zelenko

Dayel Zelenko Congratulations love!! <3

Pheonix Blaze

Pheonix Blaze Great job, ya'll at amazing professors

Banned user

Banned user Gratz guys <3

Rosalie Watson

Rosalie Watson I didn't see Uncle (Professor) Prewitt on here. X'DD

Phoebe Zelenko

Phoebe Zelenko

Phoebe Zelenko

Phoebe Zelenko Thank you everyone for voting!

Simone Potter

Simone Potter Fooobbeehhhhhh <3

Ivy Gray

Ivy Gray GO PHOEBE ❤

Lexa Rosewood

Lexa Rosewood Congrats

Natalie Metzger

Natalie Metzger congrats

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