Lets see who won BEST Teacher EVER.
You voted now its time to see who has won !

- From : Anya Venenum

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Indigo Kaif

Indigo Kaif i voted for her too.

John Reese

John Reese I voted for Phoebe im glad she got first WHOOOOO . GO PHOEBE

Dayel Zelenko

Dayel Zelenko Congratulations love!! <3

Pheonix Blaze

Pheonix Blaze Great job, ya'll at amazing professors

Banned user

Banned user Gratz guys <3

Rosalie Watson

Rosalie Watson I didn't see Uncle (Professor) Prewitt on here. X'DD

Simone Potter

Simone Potter Fooobbeehhhhhh <3

Ivy Wolfbane

Ivy Wolfbane GO PHOEBE ❤

Lexa Azuki

Lexa Azuki Congrats

Natalie Metzger

Natalie Metzger congrats

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