Mythical Creature of the Week - Mooncalf
"They are so cute!" ~ Jacob Kowalski

- From : Mykal Stonewell

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Mooncalfs are undoubtedly a very cute mythical creature, but not much has been documented about them. They live worldwide, making it quite easy to find them, but they are very timid creatures and only come out of their burrows during full moons. When the moonlight touches their pale grey skin, the mooncalf will begin to preform a complicated dance on its hind legs. This dance, which is thought to be a form of mating ritual, creates geometric patterns that muggles tend to confuse with crop circles made by UFOs. Mooncalfs have a very unique appearance. They have large blue eyes and a very long neck. They have four spindly legs with webbed feet. The Ministry of Magic classifies mooncalfs as only a XX beast, which indicates that they can be domesticated and are harmless creatures.


                                     ~Kayte Savant

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Batuhan Mavioglu

Batuhan Mavioglu They are very cute , Very good article...

Angel Margo

Angel Margo Mooncalves sr

Selena Hawthorne

Selena Hawthorne They are very cute!!

Ola Fox

Ola Fox They are so cute! *Beams*

Deanna Page

Deanna Page Mooncalfs are my favorite I swear I will own one some day :D

Aspen Elysium

Aspen Elysium Love the Mooncalves <3

Ellie Bauer

Ellie Bauer Love this article! They are so adorable!!

Lucifer Wolf

Lucifer Wolf Love you beautiful moon calves

Emanual Lynly

Emanual Lynly Wonderful coverage, Kayte! I adore Mooncalves, my class seeing them up close was wonderful.

Melody Santos

Melody Santos My favorite creature! <3 Love this!

Eliza Peters

Eliza Peters Why do I think they're so cute?! <3 Great choice, Kayte! :)

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