Travelling...? Sounds Awesome!
Do you want to travel the world? Well, what are you waiting for? Join Tanuja on her journey around the world!

- From : Tanuja Potter

Traveling..? Sounds Awesome



Follow Tanuja on her adventures around the world as she goes to new places, tries new food and meets new people! Today's adventure will be at.....

Tokyo, Japan!



Tanuja stepped outside into the fresh air of the garden of the Japanese house that she was staying in. She had travelled to Japan and wanted to stay at a traditional Japanese house. And here she was, at a lovely three story house with a garden of cherry blossoms



She was wearing a blue kimono with flowers, also the traditional Japanese dressing style. It was pretty cold out here since the house was located near a inactive famous volcano, Mount Fuji. Tanuja looked up at the beautiful mountain and sighed at it's beauty. It had beautiful peaks and the snow at the top. She drank the tea she had gotten in a small cup made of china. Her next stop at Japan was none other than The Nagoya Castle.




Tanuja put her hands together and bowed down to the Japanese family that had let her stay at their home, "Arigato," she said in thanks. The family bowed back to her and she got into the taxi and waved as she was driven to Nagoya Castle. After a few hours Tanuja stepped out off the car and looked at the magnificent casle. It was a five storey castle and was crowded with people. Tanuja went inside the castle, and saw that it was like a normal Japanese house xcept it had more statues and extra monuments.




After taking a tour of the castle, she was served her lunch there. In a plate they gave her some rice, with curry and chicken and chopsticks. She picked the chopsticks up and held it in her fingers. When she tried to pick some rice up she failed and the rice fell down. A nearby Japanese woman chuckled and showed her how to do it. Smiling in thanks Tanuja turned back to her rice and picked it up, but this time she picked the rice up easily without any trouble. Grinning she ate her rice and got up exiting the castle.


Her three days at Japan was over and she got on a taxi and drove to the airport.







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Chloe Cavieri

Chloe Cavieri Nice blog Tanuja!!!! :3

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Jenna Patil Awesome blog, love it! :)

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Emil Medellsson Brilliant. :D

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Izzy Chang Lovely blog Tan!

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Candice Jones Loved it! Well done Tanu!! :D

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