A Day in the Life: Headmaster Pirro Desmon
Have you ever wondered what it is like to be the Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry? Here is your chance to find out as we take a peek into the life of our one and only Headmaster, Pirro Alowitz Desmon!

- From : Kyla Loran



A Day in the Life:
Headmaster Pirro Desmon


Recently I had to pleasure to get to know the Headmaster a little better. I will say this before we delve to deeply into what his day is like… There is so much to this man. If you haven’t thought about what exactly the Headmaster does before, this is the perfect time to think about it. I mean really think about it, because it’s a more taxing position that most probably think.

Without further ado, follow me as we take a peek into "A Day in the Life: Headmaster Pirro Desmon"! I enchanted a quill and a roll of parchment to follow Headmaster Desmon discretely recording his entire week but… we are going to just get a single peek into just one day.

The sun still low beyond the horizon, the time between three and four in the early morning. It’s obvious to see that the man does not like having to wake up early in the morning. This morning, its the cries of his infant son that wakes him from his peaceful slumber. While his wife Rhea Desmon, takes the first shift with caring for the child, the Headmaster does his morning routine. He keeps it simple with beard care and a splash of whiskey to wet his lips. With a beard like the one he has it is no surprise that he has to care for it. Once his morning routine is completed, he pitches in with caring for the boy.

What a good father, though… his choice of breakfast isn’t what one would consider normal. (Maybe it is for him… us normal witches and wizards… not so much.) “What is it?” you might be asking yourself, the Headmaster has none other that whiskey and pie for breakfast in the mornings.

His morning at home ends when it is time for the bearded Headmaster to head to work. Unlike Headmaster Dumbledore who favored apparation directly into the school, Headmaster Desmon usually apparates outside the gates of the school before making the trek to the castle. It is important to state that the Headmaster does have a floo network set up in his office, but from what I have noticed, he rarely seems to use it. Upon walking into his office, it seems as though he has a ritual of taking a deep breath before he tackles a stack of letters that varies from large to even larger.


Would you believe me if I told you… the Headmaster, usually eats his lunch in the office? I was surprised as well, but after seeing how much work he had to do every day, I can say this I am not really that surprised. I bet you can’t guess what type of beverage he likes to wet his lips with while he delves into the lunch the wonderful (free and paid) house elves provide for his beardedness. If you guessed whiskey… ding, ding, ding… you would be one hundred and ten percent correct! While his lunch room of choice is his office, there are times when he will grace the student body with his presence during lunch.

I can see it now… your minds are working and thinking, “All the Headmaster does it sit in his office, where all he does is work and drink whiskey,” and I will say this you’re wrong. While yes he does do that a lot, there is more to the man than you are seeing. After lunch is when things tend to get really interesting because the headmaster actually leaves his office and begins to make his rounds around the school. Where do those round take him, you might be thinking, the answer is simple, Headmaster Desmon’s rounds include checking the classrooms, meet with some of the teachers, and attending a few of the classes. He also likes to stop at every mirror to admire his own beard, he knows it seems a bit conceited, but you have to admit… his beard is a thing of majesty.

After the Headmaster has ensured that the school is running properly and that there is nothing left unchecked, he heads back to his office where he spends his time writing, answering the last few owls of the day and write his list of things he will have to do the next day. It seems the headmaster likes to pre-plan and make an entire list of everything he wants to get accomplished before then end of the next day. With the responsibilities the Headmaster has, there is not doubt that he would need some sort of list to help him function day to day.

When dinner time comes around, Headmaster Desmon often indulges himself with a muggle street food called, tacos. He likes to have a different type every night. Are there really so many types of tacos that he will not get bored of them? I wonder…


It seems that (this coming from the Headmaster himself) that while tacos are a rare occurrence in our world, he once had them in the muggle world at some restaurant or dining place and since then fell into love with them. Do not think that the Headmaster never eats with his family, because there is times when he does have dinner with his wife but due to their busy schedules it is understandable that he eats at the school more often than not.

Once the Headmaster Desmon completes his daily tasks at Hogwarts, he then leaves the school (the same way he arrived) and returns home. After spending some time with his son and wife, the couple puts baby Desmon in bed and after ensure the infant is sound asleep they retreat into their enchanted library room with a writing area. While in the room, they listen to Jazz music, Rhea reads a book and Headmaster Desmon sips some whiskey while he writes until time to sleep. It is during this time that he winds down after his day at work. Occasionally, the couple will watch a muggle movie or the Headmaster will also read a book, but since his time to write, aside from responding to owls and making his lists, is so limited he takes every moment he can to just write. Maybe… if he gets tired of being just a Headmaster, he could write a book. I know I would buy it!

Once it is time to sleep, the headmaster completes his beard care ritual, which includes grooming and reapplying the charms to it. He also has a cup of tea before bed, I was quite shocked by this, but it seems that the headmaster does drink something aside from whiskey. With that he falls asleep rather quickly, only to wake up the next morning and repeat the day all over again.


I thought it would be nice to ask Headmaster Desmon if there is anything he does that we didn’t actually catch during the week we followed him and this is what he had to say.

“One thing I do relatively often, and don’t go spreading this around or anything… but I do have a prankster side, and I like to sneak around the school and change certain things. If I’m walking from the owlery to my office, I sometimes enjoy stopping by the Transfiguration classroom. I’ll make something randomly levitate while class is going on or something. I know it’s petty and stupid, but it makes me laugh and quells the boredom something. I have learned to thoroughly enough basking in the small things instead of just trying to stay too serious all of the time.”

Well I am sure that explains most of the rare incidents that happen around school, though I am sure most of the time the pranks are caused by Peeves. Well, what did you think of the Headmaster’s A Day in the Life? Would you want to live a day in his life or do you like the one you have? I think for me personally, I will keep my life and keep watching from the sidelines.


This blog was written by:
Kyla Loran {Social Media Team Lead}

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Pete Potter

Pete Potter Well our headmaster is living the life!XD

Cameron Fransda

Cameron Fransda Oui! The Headmaster has a pranking side. . . *scurries off to plan a prank*

Edgar Thorne

Edgar Thorne Ou Headmaster is Hogwarts' Charlemagne and his liver is enchanted!

Aspen Elysium

Aspen Elysium I see you failed to mention either of your wonderful daughters :P

Brizyan Crest

Brizyan Crest This was a great article to delve more into my new headmaster!!

Eleanor Mayfaire

Eleanor Mayfaire What an amazing article! Though, I can't imagine all of that whiskey is healthy for you...

Morgana Rosenberg

Morgana Rosenberg Something like that, yes XD

Kayte Savant

Kayte Savant I was expecting the beard to take up the entire article. Just "9:00am - brushes his beard for the 20th time today. This is a record low."

Morgana Rosenberg

Morgana Rosenberg I was pretty sure beard grooming would fill a third of this article. XD

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