Mythical Creature of the Week - Phoenix!
"In order to rise from its own ashes, a phoenix first must burn."

- From : Mykal Stonewell

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   All the way from the mountain peaks in China, India, and even Egypt comes this week's mythical creature, the phoenix. Phoenixes are covered in scarlet feathers that glow slightly in darkness and their tail is made up of golden feathers that is as long as a peacocks and is hot to the touch. It is unknown if the tail feathers can become hot enough to burn someone, although it is possible that a phoenix can control the temperature of the feathers. Their beak and claws are golden colored and they have pitch black eyes. Phoenixes are herbivores, meaning they eat plants rather than meat, and they are not known for fighting.

They are very magical creatures with many amazing abilities. Phoenixes can disappear and reappear with bursts of flames and have a great deal of strength. They are immune to the gaze of a basilisk, and their tears and song both have immense power. Their tears have healing powers that can save someone even on the brink of death, and their song gives the good courage and strikes fear and strike fear into the evil.

There have only been two known domesticated phoenixes: Albus Dumbledore's phoenix Fawkes and the Moutohora Macaws’ mascot, Sparky. They are extremely loyal creatures once one has gained their trust. Due to the difficulty of domesticating them, the Ministry of Magic classifies phoenixes as XXXX beasts. If anyone was hoping to have a pet phoenix after they graduate, I wish you the best of luck!

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                               By: Kayte Savant 

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Celestia Winter

Celestia Winter My patronus is a Pheonix I know that from the Pottermore quiz

John Reese

John Reese Loves!!!

Korak Farshadow

Korak Farshadow props for choosing Phoenixes. They are awesome!!!

Eliza Peters

Eliza Peters Love this!

Jaedyn Saphis

Jaedyn Saphis LOVES!

Emanual Lynly

Emanual Lynly Phoenixes <3

Emmalina Weasley

Emmalina Weasley Awesome, I love this!

Isobel Valerian

Isobel Valerian Great info!

Pheonix Blaze

Pheonix Blaze Great Job, I love it

Daphne Fawn

Daphne Fawn Nice job!

Aneesa Bellview

Aneesa Bellview Great job Kayte!

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