Ophelia’s Declassified Hogwarts Survival Guide
Your First Year

- From : Melody Santos

Do you have those back to school jitters? Or maybe you’re a first year trying to figure out where to fit in on the Express. Hogwarts can be an incredibly intimidating place for those first years who are on the first walk in through the crowded Great Hall to their destiny. Classes are hectic. Toads are everywhere. Homework needs grading. Friends to meet. It’s all a lot to digest and without the proper knowledge it can seem a bit overwhelming, especially the changing stair cases! Trust me, don’t dilly daddle on those things I ended up upside down and lost forever. I know the pictures of sleepy old wizards are intriguing, I’m always tempted to paint a moustache or two on top of their already legendary wizard beards.



That’s why I bring you… Drumroll please… Ophelia’s Declassified Hogwarts Survival Guide. It’s a mouthful but let’s be thankful I didn’t pull a full Hermione. Here’s the full run down. I’m Ophelia Savage, not like you guys already knew that, but most people just call me Pippa for short. If you were wondering, which of course you were, Slytherin is my house. I’m a rambunctious little snek who has a knack for glitter and trouble. This means if you have glitter and you like trouble, shoot me an owl. I know you’re absolutely unaliving to figure out what all this hullaballoo is all about so I’ll jump to it. Every week I’ll be writing to you all a piece out of my wacky Survival Guide. The contents are currently a mystery but I can share with you all that you’ll find a little bit of everything from places to visit, study tips, secrets of Hogwarts and all the crooks and crannies of how to Survive at Hogwarts. Exciting, right? You’ll be blessed with Ophelia’s wonderful words of wisdom. This is where you cue a dramatic eye roll.


This week I’ll keep it simple and sweet. Just the way we all like our candy from Honeydukes. I’ve reached out to a third year who has some advice to go out to you newbies and even oldbies! I’m sure we can all take something from her letter and give ourselves an awesome kickstart for our new year.



“If there was anything I wish I had known as a first year it would probably be that the older kids aren't as scary as they seem. For example, I myself now have many first year friends. Some are because I'm a Helping Fang, but others are just because I happened to be in the chats. Another thing I wish I had known is that you should probably choose your friends wisely. I myself became friends with 3 people within the first 2 days and they are STILL beside me even today. They're so supportive of everything I do and I'm proud I chose such fantastic people, but I've also learned that some people just don't feel like being too nice. There'll be trolls in the dungeons and crazy fans at Quidditch matches, but there is nothing more important to us all than the friends you make along the way. One more thing: I wish I had known that I didn't have to stress over all the homework. I have PLENTY of time to get it finished while I'm here-and I do try my hardest. I've learned that you can bond with your housemates by competing in the house cup and trying your very best in everything you do around here. One last thing to you, little firsties. I want to leave you with a very special piece of information... It's only your first year once. Make it count! You don't want to look back and think, "oh, yeah. That's the year I stressed over homework so much I fainted like twelve times per day." You want to look back and think, "oh yeah, that's the year I tried really hard in my classes, but still had fun with my friends. Remember when that one guy started acting all crazy after some butterbeer? Yeah! The Great Butterbeer Intake of 2017! That one!" You'll want those nights by the lake. The one on one conversations, watching the stars. The whole group watching a meteor shower together. You'll look back and remember the days you and all of your friends had black names-no color. Then you'll see yourselves a couple years later, all the smurfs and lilacs and the chat filled with color and you'll smile so big, remembering the first few days. Today is just the beginning of a marvelous time, trust me.



A 3rd Year Slytherin Helping Fang”


This Helping Fang has it right about we only get our shot of first year once so definitely make a wicked time out of it! Same goes to everyone else. No matter what, this is all a new chance to start something different and live it up. Don’t let classes bum you down or the nargles who steal your shoes. This is the time for memories, no matter if we’re young or 179 years old.




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Lorelai Greyrose

Lorelai Greyrose This is great! I'm a firstie and this definitely is making me push to get to level 5 so I can start making topics and really participate on the level I want to. :3

Eliza Peters

Eliza Peters This was awesome, Ophelia! :)

Josie Krook

Josie Krook I love this so much

Nelpherius Malfoy

Nelpherius Malfoy You did amazing as always, so proud of you! <3

Ophelia Savage

Ophelia Savage Yasss!<3 Thank you guuuuys. <3<3

Bex Savant

Bex Savant MY LORDY I THINK IM IN LOVE so I can't respond to chat bc my laptop is being a bully but I absolutely ADORE it <3 <3

Hunter Witherwings

Hunter Witherwings You did such a great job!

Carina Lee

Carina Lee Great job Pippa! <3

Ophelia Savage

Ophelia Savage Thank you guys! It was exciting writing this :P <3

Genevieve Schubert

Genevieve Schubert Oh. My. Gord. OPHELIA~! This is outstanding! I'm in love with this, and I can't wait for more. <3

Bex Savant

Bex Savant Love it, Pippa! Super helpful and encouraging :D

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