Ophelia’s Declassified Hogwarts Survival Guide
Your First Year

- From : Melody Santos

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Lorelai Greyrose

Lorelai Greyrose This is great! I'm a firstie and this definitely is making me push to get to level 5 so I can start making topics and really participate on the level I want to. :3

Eliza Peters

Eliza Peters This was awesome, Ophelia! :)

Nelpherius Malfoy

Nelpherius Malfoy You did amazing as always, so proud of you! <3

Ophelia Savage

Ophelia Savage Yasss!<3 Thank you guuuuys. <3<3

Bex Savant

Bex Savant MY LORDY I THINK IM IN LOVE so I can't respond to chat bc my laptop is being a bully but I absolutely ADORE it <3 <3

Hunter Witherwings

Hunter Witherwings You did such a great job!

Carina Lee

Carina Lee Great job Pippa! <3

Ophelia Savage

Ophelia Savage Thank you guys! It was exciting writing this :P <3

Genevieve Schubert

Genevieve Schubert Oh. My. Gord. OPHELIA~! This is outstanding! I'm in love with this, and I can't wait for more. <3

Bex Savant

Bex Savant Love it, Pippa! Super helpful and encouraging :D

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