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- From : Kyla Loran

The End of a Dream


The day started as any other as Kendra got geared up for another Quidditch match. The 5th year had been enjoying the season and today was like no other. She could see her younger sister Alice from the corner of her eye and she smiled.


Alice and Kendra might be sisters but they didn’t have a single resealable except for their stunning crystal blue eyes. Alice had gotten the Bulstrode family genes and Kendra didn’t. Alice was small for her age but she had the dark brown slightly curly hair that Bulstrode had had for generations. Where Kendra on the other hand had a thick mane of curly platinum blonde hair that she was sure she got this from her mother’s side. As much as she loved being different she felt out of place at family events.


The blonde got up from where she was sitting and walked over to her sister, “Hey you look rather nervous. You okay? You ready?” Kendra knew why Alice might be nervous. It was her first game and their parents had owled and said that they would be able to make the game.


“No I am beyond nervous…” Alice replied to Kendra trying to get her robes straight.


Kendra took Alice’s hand and smiled, “Don’t be nervous. There is a reason you are the keeper on this team. Lucy would have never put you in that spot if she didn’t believe you were the best!” Kendra said and then wrapped her arms around Alice, “Now come on. Let’s go kick some Lion butt!” Kendra giggled and pulled away from Alice grabbed her broom and headed out to the pitch.


With the breeze against her face, Kendra felt at home. This was something she looked forward to everyday. Quidditch was her outlet to all of the school work she had going on. She looked into the stands and waved at her parents before the game started. She then took her position looked at her fellow chasers with a determined look and the whistle was blown. Kendra raced through the air after the quaffle but the Lions had the first few scores and Kendra could see the clouds rolling in. She had known it would probably rain and she was excited about the challenge ahead.


An hour passed and the rain was coming down in sheets. It was getting harder and harder to see everything on the pitch and Gryffindor was up by 50 points. But the Slytherin chasers weren’t going to lie down that easily. With the rain, they flew close together knocking the quaffle back and forth. Kendra had the ball in hands as she made it to the goal she the threw the quaffle and ten points to the Snakes. Kendra threw her arms in the arm and moved back a little pointing at Alice with a smile and then she saw the look of terror on Alice’s face as Alice started to scream her name and then everything went black and numb for Kendra.


Two weeks after Kendra blacked out she woke up in St. Mungo’s. She looked around the hospital and saw her parents sitting next to her, “Mum… wha… what happened? Did we win the match?” Kendra could care less that she was in the hospital but then she realized Alice wasn’t there with her, “Where’s Alice!? Is she okay!?” Kendra sat up quickly and felt a head rush that caused her to lay back down.


Karen, Kendra’s mother looked at her, “Hi honey. I’m so glad you are awake. You have been asleep for two weeks” Kendra looked at her mom in horror and then she continued, “Alice is fine. She’s still at school but we don’t have the best news for you.” Kendra watched as her dad sat down on the bed next to her.


“Kendra… at the match you… you were…” Dean knew that this would hurt Kendra and it was hard for him to get the words out, “You were hit with a bludger… and it hit you hard in the head… Causing you to be in a conman the last two weeks.” Kendra looked at him in confusion not knowing what to say next, “Honey we can’t let you play anymore. The doctors worry that if you have another hit like that….” Dean stopped not wanting to put into reality what the doctors had said.


The words that came out of Deans mouth raddled Kendra to the core. “What do you mean!? I have to play!! Alice and I made the team together…” Kendra could feel the tears forming in her eyes. She couldn’t believe that her dream was coming to an end so quickly. She had only begun playing Quidditch two years back and now that Alice was on the team she enjoyed it even more so. “How long do I have to stay here?” Kendra asked calmly trying to keep the tears back.


“I think you are staying another two weeks. We have to make sure everything is okay. You got hit pretty hard and you did get hit in the head, baby.” Karen could see that Kendra was hurting, “Alice is making sure to get all of your work so that you can get caught up when you get back. And you know we can hire someone to tutor you if you need it..” Karen said taking Kendra’s hand.


Kendra looked up at her mom trying to hold the tears back, “Can Alice come see me this weekend?” She asked softly. Alice always was the person Kendra would go to when she needed anything. People would think the two of them were twins as close as they were. Karen nodded slowly looking over at her husband and Kendra nodded with her mom, “Can I be alone for a little bit?” Kendra asked softly and her mom leaned up and kissed Kendra’s forehead and Karen and Dean left the room.


With the door finally closed Kendra let the tears fall. Everything that had happened was to overwhelming for the almost fifteen year old girl. Her world was flying and Quidditch and just thinking about not being on the team with all of the friends she had made over the last two years wasn’t helping. She let the tears fall until she finally couldn’t hold her eyes open any longer. She closed the red swollen crystal blue eyes and drift off into a deep sleep hoping when she woke up the nightmare she thought she was living would be over.

Written By: Kendra Bulstrode

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