Traveling Tuesday
An Elephant and a Pen

- From : Melody Santos


Part of the "Travelling Tuesday" Blog Series 


World of Potter means many different things to all of its members. To some, it means a place to call home; an escape from the reality around them where they can relax and breath away the stress of the day. To others, World of Potter is a family different from any they've had before. It can be a place to discover hidden talents you never knew you had- writing, creativity, imagination. But there's one thing we all know is the fuel and the Firestone for all members of the World of Potter community- the universe we all came to love so very much. 



Unlike for the rest of some of our generations, Harry Potter never grew old for us. It was a book to turn to, something to spend hours greedily reading over, tissues in hand for the moments which cause utter turmoil in our hearts. Harry Potter is one thing and one thing only, my dear readers- Excellent! I hope you all agree, or perhaps you have ended up on the wrong site *winks playfully*. There is nothing more thrilling than opening a new or old copy of these books and smelling the pages for the first time as you read the sweet and elegant words that brought magic to our doorsteps. For myself, I find an immense about of pleasure in the mundane things- hot chocolate resting lazily on my bedside table in a mug borrowed from my flatmates, whipped cream and baby marshmallows invitingly staring at me as I consume the innermost secrets of the school we wish we all received an acceptance letter for. 


You're probably wondering who I am by now- I'm your guide. You don't have to know me by any other name, that ruins the fun of all of this. For you, I am just a face behind a screen who shares the same wide-eyed interest as you. A college student who, instead of spending all of her money on useful things such as salad and fruit, finds herself consuming anything she can on World of Potter. This is my home, a place I could not dream of being any better. Hat tip to you, Mister MoM and HM, Management and the rest of the staff team. You sure do a fine job. 




I'm going to be taking you on an adventure, readers, every Tuesday. You're going to revisit places of your childhood, even places within the muggle world. Magic was and will never be lost, my dears, not while people believe in it! 


Sometimes I can't hep but wonder- while sitting then in awe of how one woman managed to write such an basis of pure magic- where this story began to manifest. Was it in the back garden of a small house in London, the night sky providing a magical view of an imagination bigger than Neverland? Or was it the scenery of England's countryside fields from a moving train, the tracks creating a steady writing rhythm. The answer is that this story spent a lot of its time manifesting somewhere quite different from the two scenarios I painted for you. 


Ladies and gentlemen, jellybeans and snooglebats, 


I have a place to show you, 

so wondrous and red. 

It's said to be home an elephants bed! 



The Elephant House opened to the public in 1995 and has been inspiring writers from around the country ever since. It was in this cosy little cafe that a lot of Harry Potter was written over a cup of rich, golden coffee. Not only can you undergo the full J.K Rowling writing experience, but you can also spend your time eating the food this sweet little elephant home has to offer. It is here, perhaps, that Harry Potter learnt his first spell in the pages of the well-known novel. Who knows, perhaps J.K Rowling is a magician herself, practising the spells under the tables while she writes. Perhaps she even chose The Elephant House and you can't see under the tables while she levitates her shoes. We can only hope and imagine the reasons. 


I for one just believe that this little cafe is comfy enough to let your mind roll into a state of imagination. 


The Cafe can be found in Scotland, a place where the English is difficult to understand and it likes to rain a lot. If you're lucky, it will snow you in for a few days. They also have a magical drink! Iron Bru, isn't it? Something of a weird orange tasting substance. I've heard it makes men grow 50 times stronger. My experiences of Scotland have been bleak, to say the least, though there is a lot of Harry Potter adventures I can share with you there. In the distant future, I plan to take Travel Tuesday there with me and allow you to see the sites yourself, second hand through the eyes of your magnificent, completely un-pompous blogger. 


Here at World of Potter, we are interested in hearing your stories and adventures within landmarks of the wizarding world. If you have any submissions of places you've been, any photos you yourself have taken of Harry Potter landmarks, I would love to be able to use them within this blog! You might even win a surprise gift from myself, but you never heard that from me *winks*. 


Perhaps one day, my dear readers, you will find a photo of me sitting in that little red cafe with my little red hair, writing the next of my lengthy monologues to you with an undying passion for magic, love and reading. The deep burgundy painting and gold letters of "The Elephant House" invited none other than our J.K Rowling in, will they draw you in also? 


Till next time, my wonderful readers, from your not so secretive... 


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Cassidy Selan

Cassidy Selan You did awesome. I can't wait for next Tuesday

Julia Smith

Julia Smith Wow, amazing article Chloe! I really love your writing style, i can't wait to read more!! You had just added another place i want to go on my wish list!! :D

Eleanor Mayfaire

Eleanor Mayfaire Great post, Chloe! I look forward to reading more of your work :)

Blaire Dayholt

Blaire Dayholt *good

Blaire Dayholt

Blaire Dayholt This was really god!! Thank you!

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