From The Kitchen: Pumpkin Pasties
Looking for something sweet to eat? This week's recipe is on one of the most iconic snacks in the HP universe,...Pumpkin Pasties!

- From : Crystella Desurra

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Stella Star

Stella Star These will be great for Halloween

Ellie Tsao

Ellie Tsao these look great!

Jasper Wolf

Jasper Wolf These look interesting! Great job, Astoria!

Elias Volanti

Elias Volanti Oh, so this is why they have a pumpkin patch out on the grounds! @.@

Theo Travers

Theo Travers Ooooh delicious :O

Vanessa Robertson

Vanessa Robertson yumm

Nathan Bennett

Nathan Bennett Delicious

Aiku Carter

Aiku Carter Cool! I’ll have to try these!

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