Life As a Student - Volume 2
The person that I chose to interview today was Chloe Cavieri. She was really fun to interview and I'm glad that she told us a lot of interesting stuff about herself. Thank you Chloe for this great interview!

- From : Crystella Desurra


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Emma: What year are you?

Chloe: I’m a Year 2 student.

Emma: What house are you in currently?

Chloe: I’m a Ravenclaw student! Go eagles!!

Emma: What are the best parts about being an AT?

Chloe: There’s so many great things on being an AT. I love working with the wonderful Professor Reid as well as the other CoMc Jae Williams and Cass Flores.

Emma: What has been your best experience on WoP?

Chloe: My best experience on WoP would probably be meeting people that also enjoy the Harry Potter fandom. Making new friends is already a great opportunity to make me not anti-social.

Emma: Who was the most helpful when you first joined?

Chloe: Hmmm. Lots of people were helpful when I first joined. I probably would say Milla Meileure since I had so many questions in the beginning and she would always reply to me. Like she’s super helpful throughout my first year of Hogwarts.

Emma: What made you want to become an AT?

Chloe: Well I became an AT because I noticed a lot of unfairness in the grading system. Like there’s so many troll graders so don’t realize the difference between a student is a trolling and a student that write a wonderful homework assignment. And I just want to reduce the incorrect headings from troll graders here.

Emma: What do you look forward to after you graduate?

Chloe: I’m usually unsure about my future. The future is always unexpecting but promising. I look forward to it all.

Emma: If you could pick one favorite class, what would it be?

Chloe: Oof I have a lot of favorite classes. It’s between Charms, Care of Magical Creatures, and Transfiguration. All classes are great.




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