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I Sought The Stories



I've decided to give you something new today. I have started a new story, but don't now if it is going to be any good. I'm actually hoping to finish this so I can pubslish it when I get older. I won't waste my time talking, here it is!!'

Kili's Entry #1,


Heya people! My name is Kilikani but you probably know that already by reading the front page of this book where it lists me as the author, right? At least, I hope so! Did you even read the title of this book or choose it because of the front cover? I do that sometimes, so no harsh feelings if you didn’t look at my own name.


I started writing young. Well, I think I did. Do most authors start around the age of 8, or do they not start until later in life? I’m not sure, but I believe starting young can help me build my skills for future writings.


When you start young you get to find out just how much you have grown. I remeber my first ever book series. I rewrote the book from my mind in 6th grade and counted a total of 200 words. I even drew my pictures for it. It was called “Owls” and my whole class loved it. We put it in the “Student Stories” bin and it was always out. That was what started my career in writing. I realized I wanted to write stories for myself and other people.


My first novel was written in fourth grade. Although, I don’t think you can actually call it a novel when it was done for a class assignment. None the less, I got very hyped up with this project. It was also the first year our school had chromebooks so we got to type our stories. When I look back on that story there are a few thoughts running through my mind:


That is a horrible title


Oh my goodness... that dialougue




EXPLAIN! Please explain moooore!!


People don’t ride down to their friends house in a canoe, they use the road!


That’s not level 5.. That’s like level 8


People can not have a bar set in their house


You may be confused! Do not fear! I will come to your rescure by supplying the story with you! Afterwords, I will explain just why these thoughts ran through my mind and what I can do to fix this story!


So do you all think this is a good introduction to this story? Please leave a comment and I will take them greatefully, and would you like the story? Should I have it for a future post?






Thanks for reading this installment of I Sought The Stories! Feel free to Owl me some story prompts!!


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Lara Montgomery

Lara Montgomery Amazing article! I can totally relate!

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