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Users will have until Friday (08/31/2018) at 10:00pm PST(GMT-8) to send in their submissions.
After all submissions have been made and approved ensuring all requirements met voting by Grad Staff will begin.
Please Note: All fanfics will be presented as anonymous to the staff voting.
The winners will be announce the Friday following the voting.
Please Note: We will be checking for plagiarized works.
1) Fanfic must be at least 250 words in length.
2) Fanfic must be 1X rating (meaning rated for everyone).
3) Fanfic must be about the Harry Potter Universe.
4) Only 1 submission per person even if you have multiple accounts on worldofpotter.com.
5) Fanfic must have a title.
6) Fanfic must be your original work.
1) Send your submission in a private message to us on the Facebook Page (World of Potter US).
2) Include your World of Potter character name.
1st Place- Submission published on the World of Potter US blog.
*If New User: All Supplies for the courses.
*If Current/Previous User: 500g and 50 chocolate frogs and cards.

2nd Place- Submission published on the World of Potter US blog, 250g and 25 chocolate frogs and cards.

3rd Place- Submission published on the World of Potter US blog, 100g and 10 chocolate frogs and cards.
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Lyllith Black

Lyllith Black Niiiice!!!

Kyla Loran

Kyla Loran 1) As long as it is something you created that is easily traceable back to you, you may submit an older fanfic. 2) The Fanfic must be part of the Harry Potter Universe which include World of Potter. ❤️

Jinxamenia Potter

Jinxamenia Potter Can I submit a fanfiction I have made into a story on a fanfiction sharing site? Or do I have to write a new fanfiction? And are character reactions to reading the books, fanfiction allowed?

Lexa Rosewood

Lexa Rosewood Is it a WoP base or the movie base?

Genevieve Schubert

Genevieve Schubert Oooo~ I'm so excited!

Morgana Rosenberg

Morgana Rosenberg Oooh fanfics!

Amber Strome

Amber Strome Mhmmmm

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