WoP Gossip Weekly. *RED ALERT*
This was too juicy to save for Thursday!

- From : Mykal Stonewell

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Jade Techer

Jade Techer This was an amazing article!

Gabriella Crawford

Gabriella Crawford You can put in something about me if you want.

Isabella Riddle

Isabella Riddle Great!

Nero Wolfbane

Nero Wolfbane How troublesome this turned out to be....

Carina Johnson

Carina Johnson Wonderful! And GrayBane BABIES?!!!

Ivy Wolfbane

Ivy Wolfbane *sigh*

Aneesa Karlsson

Aneesa Karlsson *cough* Graybane babies. *cough* I said nothing.

Jacob Grabowski


Aske Stark

Aske Stark *whispers* Graybane babies! *Disapears*

Kaion Nil

Kaion Nil -raises an eyebrow-

Alexis Black

Alexis Black I dodnt know that comment would land here

Anya Venenum

Anya Venenum AMAZING JOB Mykal. . .for the record we never did anything like that at work. . .

Lucifer Wolf

Lucifer Wolf o_O really? Kaion slept with a teddy?

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