WoP Gossip Weekly. *RED ALERT*
This was too juicy to save for Thursday!

- From : Mykal Stonewell


                                      WoP Gossip Weekly  

Okay, let me give you the rules of WoP Gossip Weekly.
1) You see something that HAS to be shared Owl Mykal Stonewall. (We keep all "Tips"confidential ) 
2) We are into Gossip NOT Slander. 
3) We are going to try and have gossip for each house !  
4) Can be Students or Staff !


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Does he have a soft side?


Let's talk about Kaion, we have all seen the Ravenclaw in chat. There are rumors going around that the handsome leader of magical defense sleeps with a teddy bear, so we went and asked him about it.  He gave us his iconic eyebrow raise but as far as answers go that was neither a yes nor a no. We then tried asking the leader of the Aurors and his wife to be about the bear, but when we asked Anya simply laughed and said “Does Kaion know about this?” The first person with proof that Kaion sleeps with a teddy will get a Chocolate frog!



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Graybane Babies !?


Ivy and Nero have been together for what seems like a lifetime. We've all been watching the cute couple and holding our breath in hopes that someday soon they will give us a wedding date. But what is this we've been hearing?  Could this be a baby or just bad food?

Nero Wolfbane : @Ivy Gray Have you had any more of those morning sicknesses?

Ivy Gray : @Nero Wolfbane I have actually o.o

Nero Wolfbane : @Ivy Gray Oh no... Hope they go off soon. Have you eaten something that's not good for you?

Ivy Gray : @Nero Wolfbane Possibly...I'm not sure

Nero Wolfbane : @Ivy Gray What can it be? I've always prepared you the meal?

Ivy Gray : @Nero Wolfbane And you're a wonderful cook, so I don't know what it could be

Nero Wolfbane : Or have you gone and gotten yourself some snacks? @Ivy Gray

Ivy Gray : @Nero Wolfbane I would never snack

Nero Wolfbane : @Ivy Gray Oh you won't huh?

Ivy Gray : @Nero Wolfbane I mean...not on food

Nero Wolfbane : @Ivy Gray Oh my



Love in the Ministry!



For those of you that were there for the April Fools event you might remember the Love Potion, that got passed around by Peeves like goblin dung. Well one of the many ships that was made from this was Valyn ( Valentine Age: 178 and Adilyn Age: 26). He bent down on one knee and asked her to be his one and only. That’s right there was going to be a Minister of Magic wedding too bad the potion wore off! But have you seen Val and Sam(Age 104) at the Quidditch pitch always together decked out in their team colors cheering for their houses side by side. Could there be more here than just a bromance? Are Val and Sam really the perfect ship? Did Val finally pick someone around his own age?  



A Snake returns.

 Anya the dark and deadly leader of Aurors has stepped down to become Headmistress of Hogwarts. We knew this is going to be a big change for her and the school after all she going from chasing Dark Wizards, to hunting down people that have exploded the bathrooms pranksters beware! A student has already stated "Alexis Black : Every time she drinks tea. I wonder if she changed a student who crossed her”. But why has she stepped down from her dream job we all thought the woman was going to go down fighting. Was it so her and Kaion would not “get it on” while at the workplace? Or maybe it was so she could get some space is there trouble in their dark paradise?





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Gabriella Crawford

Gabriella Crawford You can put in something about me if you want.

Isabella Riddle

Isabella Riddle Great!

Nero Wolfbane

Nero Wolfbane How troublesome this turned out to be....

Carina Johnson

Carina Johnson Wonderful! And GrayBane BABIES?!!!

Ivy Gray

Ivy Gray *sigh*

Aneesa Bellview

Aneesa Bellview *cough* Graybane babies. *cough* I said nothing.

Jacob Grabowski


Aske Stark

Aske Stark *whispers* Graybane babies! *Disapears*

Kaion Nil

Kaion Nil -raises an eyebrow-

Alexis Black

Alexis Black I dodnt know that comment would land here

Anya Venenum

Anya Venenum AMAZING JOB Mykal. . .for the record we never did anything like that at work. . .

Lucifer Wolf

Lucifer Wolf o_O really? Kaion slept with a teddy?

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