Through the Classes Volume 3
Do you love the classes here? do you wanna see how the classes are and how the Professor feels? well come and read my article, and of course comment as well

- From : Bella Shelby

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Willow Songheart

Willow Songheart I do love history of magic to!

Unicorn Hermione

Unicorn Hermione Great blog, Bella bean! HoM is a great subject, time to finally go do my HW wheeee

Emrys Branwyn

Emrys Branwyn wow, such an interesting blog post! I've not taken any classes yet but I do always love history so that'll probably be great, and it's really nice to have some insight into what it might be like :D

Xia Turner

Xia Turner Wonderful job! This is both informative and fun to read! I can't wait until my next history of magic class!

Ingrid Potter

Ingrid Potter I absolutely loved this blog! History of Magic is one of my most favorite subjects, and it is most definitely interesting. I love learning about history, and since it's about MAGIC, it's even better! ;D

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