Date Right!
In need of some dating advice? This week I did an interview with some questions you may have about being in a relationship.

- From : Crystella Desurra

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Chloe Cavieri

Chloe Cavieri Great article Emma! Loved reading the interview about relationships. :D

Caitlin Alves

Caitlin Alves Amazing!!!!

Emma Nightingale

Emma Nightingale @Jasper Wolf thanks!

Jasper Wolf

Jasper Wolf Love it!

Emma Nightingale

Emma Nightingale Thanks!

Michael Watson

Michael Watson Great interview on a great topic!!! Awesome job, Emma and Cana!!

Emma Nightingale

Emma Nightingale @Nina Nott lol i've never heard that word used before

Nina Nott

Nina Nott Finally someone who also uses the word foibles. XD

Emma Nightingale

Emma Nightingale Thank you! and thanks to Cana he gave some really great answers!

Kayte Savant

Kayte Savant Love this interview Cana and Emma! ♥

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