Zodiac Academy - Scorpio
Ever wondered what it would be like if Zodiac Signs attended Hogwarts? What houses would they be in? Which classes would they be the best at? Who would be their best friends? Read ahead to find out!

- From : Ingrid Potter

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Hope Neverblade

Hope Neverblade Yooo, am a Scorpio <3

Emery Levine

Emery Levine I'm not a Scorpio but this was a great Article Ingrid I loved this! Great job!

Cordelia Maxwell

Cordelia Maxwell Can't wait for the next article! How you sorted the Zodiacs and gave us the facts about the Zodiac signs are phenomenal :D.

Prisha Redhood

Prisha Redhood I love it! What an amazing idea! Can you please do Gemini next?

Kiary Collon

Kiary Collon I love this blog, it's interesting so far. Do Virgo next.

Ellie Clover

Ellie Clover Wow, Ingrid! This blog is such a cool idea and it's creative - it's telling me all the things I never realized I wanted to know - anyway, I can't wait for the next edition!

Banned user

Banned user Ooh! I absolutely love this idea, it's really creative! This was such a wonderful article, and I can't wait to read more!

Achinthya Sriman

Achinthya Sriman Whoaa that's such a great article!! I love this idea, it's so creative o: I can't wait to see what you write next! <3

Ingrid Potter

Ingrid Potter Thank you so much, everyone! <33

Amara Falaguerra

Amara Falaguerra woah! as a scorpio irl, i must say that this is very accurate! amazing blog Ingrid! can't wait to see more n.n

raven olsi

raven olsi I am loving the blog! , I cant wait to read more great job!

Lorelei Potter

Lorelei Potter Really good Article. Can't wait for the next one!

Serena Jiang

Serena Jiang how*

Vanessa Robertson

Vanessa Robertson Ready to read all the zodiacs at Hogwarts! So exciting. I do have a request and plan to send my owl immediately. May the stars have something good in store for you today!

Serena Jiang

Serena Jiang Great Article Ingrid! Loved how you did the analysis for Scorpio and hoe they would fit in as a Hogwarts Student! Looking forward to the next article!

Skyler Midleus

Skyler Midleus Great job Ingrid! Especially for a first article, you blew me away : I can't wait to see more

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