SoMe Competition Results & Submissions
Here is the announcement we've all been waiting for! Let's see who the winners are...

- From : Crystella Desurra

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Max Harper

Max Harper Of course it was Isla. Somehow getting ridiculous amounts of XP just wouldn’t be enough...Nah, congrats to her and all the winners!

Banned user

Banned user what is happening

Flent Scamander

Flent Scamander Congrats!! :D

Ciela Klein

Ciela Klein Congrats!!

Lola Peterson

Lola Peterson OMG WOW

Lucy Fredrer

Lucy Fredrer Congratulations!

Talia Mayim

Talia Mayim How wonderful! Congratulations!

Laura Lovecharm

Laura Lovecharm Well done!

Tanya Evans

Tanya Evans Congrats!

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