Harry Potter Filming Locations #5
Ever wanted to know where the Harry Potter movies were filmed? Well, here are some answers!

- From : Brennan Ainsworth

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Edison Gyan

Edison Gyan Great blog post! I never knew all these...thanks!

Arya Cavelli

Arya Cavelli Bren, wonderful writing as always! I should get myself a trip to London to see the sights sometime-and I'll be sure to drop by these locations! (And join Scarlett in evil-ing around Hardwick Hall.)

Scarlett Joyce

Scarlett Joyce I second what Lan said, such a wonderful blog Bread, I need to go read past ones smh. This is EDUCATION- I'm learning more than I ever did in school (jk, stay in school kids xD). Anyways, mayhaps I should pay a visit to Hardwick Hall with friends and pretend to be evil. Anyone in?

Holland Rose

Holland Rose You know, Bren, every blog post just keeps getting better and better. I learn so much from this series, and you are such a talented writer- please give me your writing skills *insert pleading face here*. I can't wait to see what you do next- you're amazing, and keep rocking on.

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