Zodiac Academy - Capricorn
Ever wondered what it would be like if zodiac signs attended Hogwarts? What house would they be in? Who would be their friends? Any love interests? Read ahead to find out!

- From : Ingrid Potter

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Clover Fox

Clover Fox I'm an aquarius <33

Ciara Duarte

Ciara Duarte I'm a Pisces, and fantabulous article!

Willow Songheart

Willow Songheart My sign is Libra by the way!

Willow Songheart

Willow Songheart This article is so intriguing and informative!

Billie Easton

Billie Easton Never was quite fond of this whole zodiac whatnots, but it is always good to learn more about the world around you! I have admired this series in particular Ingrid, it is so engaging and planned out! A goatfish symbol o_O imagine a goatfish... You have a creative mind Ingrid, keep it up!

Valerie Halsey

Valerie Halsey This is amazing! I love these ideas you have!!

Olive Bringhurst

Olive Bringhurst I might just be a pisces ;) love this article, ingrid! Can’t wait for story time!!

Gianna Whitlock

Gianna Whitlock this is an awesome article Ingrid! my zodiac sign is pisces i think o:

Unicorn Hermione

Unicorn Hermione :o Great article, Ingrid! This blog is super interesting to read :D

Ingrid Potter

Ingrid Potter Oh, pff- it isn't my birthday- my birthday's on 8th on November, that's why... But, glad you liked it, Lillian!

Lillian Stawarski

Lillian Stawarski Happy birthday ingrid!!! And a great article!

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