Muggle Mayhem
Muggles can be quite confusing. However, their products and everyday things can be even more bewildering. Even without magic, they made some very interesting things. In this blog, we're going to make those objects easier to understand so you won't have trouble with using them.

- From : Amy Curtis

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Gabriel Leake

Gabriel Leake sorry if it can

Gabriel Leake

Gabriel Leake I wonder if can chop vegatables faster than an enchanted knife

Lavender Cromwell

Lavender Cromwell I saw a blender once and it kinda scared me because it have this sharp blade that can cut of my finger 0w0

Alexia Kelly

Alexia Kelly Who knows what odd items might end up in a blender one day... hmmm...

Sylia Mikealson

Sylia Mikealson Amazing as always Amyyy! Keep up the great work! Blenders always confused me!

Ellie Clover

Ellie Clover OH MY GOODNESS! Amy, I absolutely adore these blogs and they are so clever! Keep up the amazing work@

Katherine Edwards

Katherine Edwards Amazing and very funny article! Thankfully I'm half blood but blenders always scared me...

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