Date Right: Rejection
Ever been Rejected? Feel like it's hard to move on? Let's take a little look into the eyes of the Rejector and the Rejected.

- From : Emery Levine

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Hunter Dell'Aquila

Hunter Dell'Aquila Wow! Great explination!

Ezra Granger

Ezra Granger i needed this it came at a perfect time good job Em

Banned user

Banned user nice job

Cassiopeia Quinn

Cassiopeia Quinn Wonderful article as always, lovely! You’re doing amazing! Can’t wait for next week's!

Carlie Walsh

Carlie Walsh This was interesting to read, nice job Emery ^^ Hehe maybe Snape should take some notes...

Banned user

Banned user not a subject i was looking to find at all not something i will ever talk about leaving it at that good paper none the les Emery

Callie Yeager

Callie Yeager Great job Emery!! very well written xD and good advice :D <3

Banned user

Banned user Betrayal does not deserve respect it deserves a shut down effective as immedietly

Lorelei Potter

Lorelei Potter Good job Emery-Chan UwU

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