Staffy Sunday!
"Staffy Sunday" is a weekly blog feature dedicated to spotlighting the amazing staff behind the scenes of WoP US! In a departure from our usual in-character interactions, these interviews will take place out of character (OOC). This offers a unique opportunity for you, our valued community, to truly get to know the genuine individuals who tirelessly work to make our community engaging and exciting. So join us every week and delve deeper into the real-world personas of our dedicated staff members!

- From : Marilhéa Faulkner

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Teagan Dahlia

Teagan Dahlia Hello, hello! So nice to meet you ~

Sabrina Madison

Sabrina Madison A very nice job done Suri, it was so interesting to learn about someone else from the SoMe team!

Andrew Sutherland

Andrew Sutherland Love this! Always good to get to know those that are around!! :D

Kian Yeong

Kian Yeong It's so good to get to know more about you, Nari! Amazing blog, Suri <3

Verleia Vaughn

Verleia Vaughn oh i loveee this! such a nice way of getting to know the staff :D

Lucian Firethorn

Lucian Firethorn I love this!

Avery Shepherd

Avery Shepherd Great interview!

Marilhéa Faulkner

Marilhéa Faulkner Love this :D

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