What Wand Matches You?
What is one thing you must have at school ? That`s right a wand come look and see what wand chooses you !

- From : Anya Venenum

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Phoenix Wealsely

Phoenix Wealsely I got Peach tree, Fwooper feather and Hippogrif feather, 13 inches

Gabriella Crawford

Gabriella Crawford Blackthorn and Ashwinder ash, 11.5 inches

Victoria Potter

Victoria Potter I got Cypress and Pheonix feather

Lily Weasley

Lily Weasley Rowan and Demiguise hair, 11 inches
Laurel and Peacock feather, 10.5 inches
Chestnut tree and Dragon heartstring, 13 inches
Willow and Unicorn hair, 11.5 inches

SunHi Rutherford

SunHi Rutherford The wand that was on top of the list for me was the one I had bought, luckily.

Raven Latimer

Raven Latimer how did i get 12 answers

Yuna Blain

Yuna Blain it gives you a better list to go off of. instead of going to each and every wand this quiz shortens it to your true personality and self rather than having to read each and everyone and struggle

Caitlynn Petty

Caitlynn Petty I got four answers as well. British Oak and Peacock tailfeather, 12.5 inches
Apple tree and Unicorn hair, 10.5 inches
Peach tree, Fwooper feather and Hippogrif feather, 13 inches
Hornbeam and Pixie heart, 10.5 inches

Natalie Metzger

Natalie Metzger I got 4 different ones Japanese Yew and Veela hair, 12.5 inches
Maple and Dragon heartstring, 11.5 inches
Rosewood and Fairy wings, 13 inches
Larch and Runespoor tooth, 12 inches

Brea Warbeck

Brea Warbeck Awesome job Yuna! The wand I had chosen was one of my results! :)

Scarlet Blue

Scarlet Blue yeah same, I had one wand then switched to a different wand but this quiz picked out both of them for me lol

John Reese

John Reese i gotta say i looked threw the wands when i started on wop for like an hour before selecting the one i felt was perfect for me. i took this quiz and the first wand suggested was the one i chose.Deadly accurate this is

Yuna Blain

Yuna Blain I am so happy everyone likes my quiz! thank you guys so much for taking it!

Nessa Leka

Nessa Leka Wow this is really accurate, I love it~!

Jacob Grabowski

Jacob Grabowski All the wands i have are the ones it suggested xD Except for the illegal one of course

Anya Venenum

Anya Venenum So do I <3

Genevieve Drake

Genevieve Drake Haha I have the wand that matches me already :P

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