Take A Trip With Me! Volume 1- Episode 4
Come with me to a world of magic and exploring new sights and foods around the world in Take A Trip With Me

- From : Molly Edwards

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Santina White

Santina White is there rice in the meal? than the kimchi better be there, or i won't eat much!

Zaidee Xenakis

Zaidee Xenakis Ah... Kimchi. It was great! :D

Lilly Trenzalore

Lilly Trenzalore Looks so beautiful in Iceland! Perfect photography spots as well.

Lexi Bautista

Lexi Bautista Oooo so pretty and mmm kimchi... Love it!

Mailie Pierce

Mailie Pierce These seem like beautiful places! Now I want to go to New Zealand. o.o

Hale Grant

Hale Grant Yes! The trip was so fun! :D Spicy cabbage tho...my

Lizzy Lesley

Lizzy Lesley Wow, Molly!! The pictures are beautiful!! I can't wait for the next article!!

Banhi Patil

Banhi Patil Those are such beautiful places Molly! I love the pictures! Can’t wait for more places!

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