Obliviate on screens
In this series of blog posts entitled "Obliviate on screens", we bring you unreleased and deleted scenes from the films in the Harry Potter franchise. To do so, we rely on publicly available scripts and bonus scenes not included in the official film versions.

- From : Marilhéa Faulkner

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Nari Ahn

Nari Ahn wow, what a cool blog! awesome work Charles :D

Verleia Vaughn

Verleia Vaughn the title itself is already so clever. and the information about the deleted scene is so interesting, i love this blog!! :0

Lorenzo Grace

Lorenzo Grace That good

Hyeon Cho

Hyeon Cho woaaah i love this!! this was such an interesting read, i'm already excited for the next edition O:

Cedrick Wyntertree

Cedrick Wyntertree Gosh you make me want to reread every single book! Love this new series :D

Erasmus Thanatos

Erasmus Thanatos Wow I love this idea. Great work!

Avery Shepherd

Avery Shepherd Very cool, Charles! Looking forward to reading more of these!

Blue Styll

Blue Styll Extremely interesting blog!! ❤

Declan Murphy

Declan Murphy love this idea Charles! I can't wait to read more

Marilhéa Faulkner

Marilhéa Faulkner

Venus Magnolis

Venus Magnolis This is such a cool idea! :o

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