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More engagements and babies!

- From : Melody Santos

Welcome to this weeks Gossip Blog! We have some fun gossip this week! Please remember to owl me ANY gossip if you see it. Make sure it abides by the rules! Enjoy! 


Before we get started, let me just mention the rules of the Gossip Blog! 

  • If you see something that you think should be mentioned in the Gossip Blog, owl Melody Santos with a detailed summary. Remember, this is not to hurt or bring anybody down, it is just for fun! (Everything will be kept confidential) 
  • Remember to keep your Gossip clean for the entire World of Potter World to see. There are some younger ones out there! 
  • Gossip can be about Staff or Students!



There are so many couples wandering around the halls of Hogwarts. Recently, Astronomy Professor Luthor Page and Prefect Leader Deanna Cherry became engaged! This came as a happy surprise for many of us! Luthor and Deanna are a sweet couple who deserves all the happiness of marriage. Be sure to congratulate them if you see them!




Graybane Baby!

Past Head of Gryffindor House Ivy Gray and Past Care of Magical Creatures Professor Nero Wolfbane have welcomed someone very special in their life. Ivy was pregnant the past nine months and gave birth to a happy baby! We wish them all the happiness in their new bundle of joy. 





Our loved Muggle Studies Professor Ailey Saunders and Care of Magical Creatures Professor Jasper Gray have made into this Gossip Blog almost every single week! There are always doing things to surprise us! Ailey and Jasper recently announced that they are expecting baby! We are really excited to see their sweet little boy or girl! 


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Hailee Maddox

Hailee Maddox #JaileyBaby

Alistair Harkness

Alistair Harkness Jailey babies <3

Aneesa Bellview

Aneesa Bellview JAIIILLLLEEEYYYYY!!!! ♥♥♥

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