Gossip n' Chill
"Gossip n' Chill" is here to bring you all types of tea and gossips around the castle. Collecting the gossips and spicy talks from all around the site and putting them in this blog for you all to read and chill. ❤️

- From : Yuzuki Miyawaki

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Yeri Wolfe

Yeri Wolfe she thinks he's a what now? interesting.... (love the article zuki <3)

Tao Wong

Tao Wong @rei hazard suits are highly recommended /j

Aurora Blackwood

Aurora Blackwood i am here for that steamiing teaaa

Korey Patel

Korey Patel I'm not getting TOO famous! People just can't get enough of me, I suppose~ (/lh)

Suri Ahn

Suri Ahn objection! lies are being fed in this gossip article! as i'm clearly being targeted for simply stating facts-- the boys in my class are all obsessed with me and it's the godric's honest truth! /lhj ( in short, she is a delulu. took me out BYE.)

Rei Hyun

Rei Hyun so what i'm hearing is to stay away from Suri Ahn. I can do that. (amazing job Yuzu!! <3)

Sebastian Morgan

Sebastian Morgan Interesting... it almost sounded like my gossip, but then... oh! I mean, nevermind...

Iseul Yoon

Iseul Yoon interesting...

Althea Lestrange

Althea Lestrange This was so fun to read, kinda wanna be in the next one hehe

Aries Koizumi

Aries Koizumi Ah, perfect gossip to read while chilling u.u thanks yuzuki!

Sienna Granger

Sienna Granger Wow the tea is ON this week *spicyyy*

Avery Shepherd

Avery Shepherd Ooo. Good tea this week!

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